Around 3 weeks back I traded in the 5 year old Hyundai i20 Active SX CRDI for a 1.4 T GDI DCT SX(O) Creta. In other words, I went from a 1.3l diesel to a 1.4l Turbocharged petrol engine; from a “cross-over” to a “compact FWD SUV”. Now, with around 1000+ km of driving done, it is a good time to list down some of the observations.

  • The car design has been variously termed as ‘polarizing’ and ‘a let down’. …

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There is always a story. Technology cannot be designed in isolation. And since it is expected to address existing and emerging needs, there is a need to listen to and understand stories. Here are 2 of them.

  • In these days of the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing protocols, I was attempting to renew the annual maintenance contract of a number of consumer electrical goods/appliances. It seems like the customer service system of the brands take this interest/request and then farm it out to a collective of local franchisees who in turn attempt to be the first to acquire the customer’s…

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The recent announcements from the Union Government come just in time as businesses transition to using distributed ledger technology and especially blockchain based IT architecture patterns. Within the context of evolution of large-scale resilient IT architecture designs the availability of public cloud based infrastructure makes a natural complement towards adoption of distributed ledger technology in order to enable process efficiency, transparency and security. …

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The COVID-19 situation has put together an interesting set of challenges. The logistics of the first set of rushed lock down were surpassed by the somewhat unpredictable nature of publicly available communication and messaging around the plans — at the state and the level of the Union government.

Anxiety thrives in chaos. And boundless gossip adds to it.

With so many individuals sheltering in place the various messaging platforms and groups with family members were fertile grounds for sharing of gossips, fake news and prejudices. And it is not that this is a novel thing — it existed well before…

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Quite a number of talks and discussions about blockchain focus on blockchain. That is counter intuitive and I’ll attempt to explain why.

It is easier to frame a conversation in context of a tool or technology especially when you see/hear it being discussed around you. So, you have a wide variety of approaches to consider — the 101 for beginners; the intermediate topics and the advanced issues for the experts. With all that said it is still a conversation clearly pinned on the technology.

Tools are intended to be an aid when you attempt to solve a problem. …

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With various authorities deciding against the reopening of schools, colleges and other academic institutions, there have been 2 specific themes which have repeated themselves

  1. Online education delivery is going through an unforeseen boom and the most nimble of delivery providers will be able to cash in on the interest
  2. Portable, shareable and verifiable digital credentials are more important than ever at any point before.

Both of these sentiments are correct because they reflect what is happening in the present. In order to truly appreciate the scale of change one has to observe this in additional contexts

  • The hiring for the…

It is no longer a valid reason to be surprised when one looks at the background (educational, professional and financial — combined into a social background) of those who send around the most salacious messages.

False news, fake stories and misinformation require powerful megaphones to be heard. They also need strong and vibrant networks to jump across nodes and spread astonishingly rapidly. Well heeled professionals provide that medium on which this can be incubated.

The idea that fake news is spread only by the uneducated and not literate is a classic classist notion. One that is brought about from…

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So many conversations in these times focus on “when things are back to normal again”. There is expressed and suppressed desire to move away from the condition of lockdown, of the restrictions in movement and of the emotions around things not being normal. The trouble is that things are not going to return to normal. There is no going back to where we were. This is new and uncharted — and it is up to us to find our bearings, plot the route and then be a good companion on the journey.

There are a thousand stories from each day…

I think it is fair to demand credible and accurate reporting of issues around science. However, I don’t wholeheartedly agree with the approach that a degree is the only way to get this assurance. As a trivial example, the mere possession of a driver’s license does not indicate expertise. It indicates the successful completion of a training and subsequent permission from the related authority to operate a particular kind of motorized vehicle. And as infuriated you might be about the equivalence of the license with an academic degree, in real life terms they are equivalent.

So, how could print…

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The outcomes of Dhiway’s verifiable data exchange platform are a natural complement to the efficient, transparent and fair assessment framework designed by the National Testing Agency. By empowering the learner, the Dhiway system enables equity in approaches to skilling and career building.

Why now?

The 2018 Annual Report from the Ministry of Skills Development and Entrepreneurship states that “Multiplicity in assessment and certification systems that leads to inconsistent outcomes and causes confusion among employers.” As large structural changes are brought about in businesses the need to establish a common understanding and capability of learning is a critical need. The Report…


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