Casualties increasing — Hyper local delivery

I had written about my reservations on food delivery and groceries delivery in June (read it here and here) and we are now beginning to see the cracks so to speak.

After its second round of layoffs, TinyOwl co-founder was held hostage by former employees. Food Panda is rumored to sell its India operations. Dazo shut downdue to lack of funding.

Local Banya pivoted its business model and shed jobs and temporarily shutoperations, though others say its for renovation of the website, which I find it hard to digest.

EkStop disappeared after being acquired.

I agree that there are an equal or larger number of new players entering the space, but the magnitude of the challenge to solve hyper local delivery, while differentiating and generating a profit has started taking its toll and with the euphoria around the India start-up scene (driven mainly by e commerce valuations) dying down and funding becoming more selective, we will see only more casualties

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