Why Blogging makes me a better worker

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Blogging (used as an umbrella term) is an outlet, one that feeds into loops of reading a lot and an overall attempt to be connected to what is happening in (mostly) the world. So whenever I blog or Tweet, it’s actually a consequence of having gotten a micro-percent smarter than I was before that.

For the record, I include Twitter, Facebook, and certain other Internet activities into my categorisation of blogging, because they all share the characteristic that I wish to write about.

It should come as no one’s surprise that I spend a fair amount online, whether it’s my blog, Twitter, or Facebook.

Altogether, I’d say I spend approximately 2 to 3 hours a day creating texts online, but that’s certainly not how it would appear to an outsider, I guess.

I’ve forgotten where I read this, but there’s a psychological case study based on different learning styles of people.

Some see and remember, some hear and remember, some speak and remember, and some write and remember. Like Churchill, I believe, I definitely consider myself one of the latter category.

Not working within your learning style can have disastrous consequences, as I remember reading in that case study, which happened to a US president(forgot the name) that took over from someone that liked to read to learn, while he actually liked to speak to learn.

Being overwhelmed with too much paperwork, actually made him a much worse president.

Blogging is a way for me to learn, as I found out while trying to cheat for some exam as a kid and ending up memorizing my cheat-notes because I wrote them down.
Similarly, I develop an inner encyclopedia of what is happening around the web and life, by writing about it.

But there is a crux for employers, which is what if an employee writes about something unrelated to the task.

I don’t work with 6-inch devices every day, should I write about them? This is the real point I wish to make, I believe the answer is an absolute YES.

Writing about different topics just unlocks the brain for more learning, just like doodling can lead to a great painting or idea. Your brain plays around with concepts and that helps you process other concepts better.

I know this isn’t quantifiable and I personally hate non-quantifiable opinions, but this is something I personally believe

If you learn by writing, updating a blog regularly will be beneficial to your brain and hence your work.

Sanket Maheshwari is a content creator at TheTechPie. One of his latest articles is a review on a good, yet affordable Website hosting service, VapourHost.

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