Net Neutrality defination

India An Internet Colony

So two months back I was reading an interview of a cricketer who was going to retire where he was asked why he wasn’t on Twitter to my surprise he responded by saying he was offered 2 lacs per year to be on Twitter which he refused for some reason.

This has become common for social networking giants to pay the celebrities to be on their platform. The thing that bothers is if the celebrities are paid to be on the platform, are they also being paid for posting or tweeting content?

Advertising is fine as long as they mention in someway but what about the political, regional and personal views. Because these celebrities are being followed by masses and in country like India where celebrities are near to god each tweet matters.

Another such case is YouTube channels which are in controversies every other day. YouTube’s original concept is to be community driven so the content is by the community and for the community, but atleast in india what I have researched and observed is the most successful YouTube channels are created by Google’s Youtube team. You can guess which channels I am talking about.

Now in India there are many YouTube channels formed which are funded by Google and even google provides space for shooting the content. You may also find how whenever a new channel is launched the other YouTubers willingly feature in the new channel videos. How they are supposed to know each other already? Even bollywood celebrities have started promoting their movies on these channels. Back in 2000s no one knew these so called comedians and now suddenly they are our best source of opinion on anything.

Remember how dhinchak pooja went viral overnight. Any idea how it happen? It was an ordinary absurd video which anyone could have easily made and there are plenty of such videos floating over the internet. You think dhinchak pooja was chosen by God? No ! she was a project which went viral after one of this Google backed Youtube channels endorsed her in their video and soon after that every other channel picked her.

Internet was supposed to be a free platform for upcoming talents many have benefited from it too. Singers like Atif Aslam rose to fame by the same platform but that was very long time ago. Now it’s just too much featured and paid promotional content. There are many solo channels with items like singing and dancing but none of their videos are been trending as Dhinchak Pooja was. So that’s what hurts the most, are these internet giants taking people from developing countries for granted?

I have no objection for Youtube or Twitter paying for creating content but I am worried that how these content is manipulated by marketing and other agendas may it be movie promotion or election, digital India is truly effected. I can go on with list of such facts about click baits like the girl who went through 50 surgeries to look like Angelina Jolie ( and somemore things which are just shoved in the face of internet user some have agendas and the others are just for fun. The one with agendas matter the most!

In a country with 1.324 billion people not everyone verifies the genuines of the tweet they read or the video they watch. Net Neutrality is already lost, knowingly or unknowingly we are being served the content which they (Internet Giants) feel we must watch.