YouTube channel

You tube is one the most popular video information sharing program by google. In you tube you will get each and every information in video format which is very effective. As we all know that by seeing something we will get whole idea about it. Its also and good knowledge sharing program, you will get the knowledge of all the things.

You can also use it for earning more money or you can say pocket money. Basically it functions mainly on two phenomenons one is channel and subscriber. So lets describe about the channel first, You can also create a you tube channel and earn money from it, Now you might be thinking that how we can earn money by sharing the video, yes you can earn by it, How i will collaborate it, If you have an expertise in cooking or technology or many more so you just have to do is make the video of which your expert in and share it on you tube, if people start watching your content then you will get some amount paid by you tube.

Now you are thinking why youtube will pay for your video, so youtube will earn money by placing advertisement on your content/video, So some amount of that you tube will pay to you. Its a one time effort making thing and you will earn the profit till the video is exists. For that you have to just follow some simple steps, firstly you have to open an channel which can be open by any gmail account then you have to open an Adsense account.

Now one more question will arrive in your mind what is adsense account, It is the account by which google will place ads on your video and give you your share and slowly you will start earning. You will think how much google will pay for this, basically it depends upon the location and popularity of your content, on an average you will get 1$/1000 views.

So hope you have understood the functions of youtube and how you will earn money by this means, on you tube there is huge traffic of viewer’s so don’t worry you will definitely earn an became popular.

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