Online Harassment — Is that normal to google someone’s name ?

I can feel people are googling me online to get information.

When people from school talk to me,

They always try to imply something to me.

Something like I know what you did last summer.

It was pretty awkward and I don’t know what they know about me.

One day, I was cleaning my browse history from google chrome on a public computer.

And I saw someone’s googling my name in the histories.

That was creepy but it proves that what I sensed was right.

So when I went home, I googled myself with my names, email…etc.

I saw what I liked on facebook, some used stuffs I sold online

and a blog that I wrote 10 years ago.

Most articles I wrote on that blog are movies review.

Now I know why when people try to approach me,

They would first have a conversation about movies

And let me hear their conversation.

Now I know why the professors like to claim that they watch movies,

they know Anne Hathaway

and when you are talking some Hollywood actress who named Jennifer

you need to be accurate. Is it Jennifer Lopez,

Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Aniston,

Jennifer Love Hewitt or Jennifer Tilly?

Suddenly all these matter,

I don’t even need to do that when I took film study courses in my undergraduate.

But people have to get the knowledge when I’m doing a master for teaching Chinese.

You might impress the professor when you would be able to name Jennifer Love Hewitt,

Because most people would only be able to remember “Jennifer” “Love”

but not the low frequency word “Hewitt”,

You might piss the professor off when you would be able to name Jennifer Tilly,

Because the professor doesn’t know who she is

and she doesn’t want to look stupid in front of you.

Is that normal to google someone’s name?

I was in a class that

people are talking about googling their former lovers online during the class with a professor.

They want to know what their exes are doing,

How do they look like now.

And then they start to judge the exes.

I didn’t really want to participate the conversation

Because I kind of think invading someone’s privacy should have a limit.

People shouldn’t cross the line.

They make invading someone’s privacy sounds like normal.

Maybe they are defending their behavior to me,

Coz they googled me,

I didn’t really quit get the conversation coz I didn’t know they were googling me that time.

I heard some company would google job applicants to get more information about them.

Job applicants would also try google their interviewers or staffs from the companies.

I think if it’s for professional purpose,

It can be acceptable,

But if that’s for mocking, manipulating people,

I don’t think it’s normal.

Do we need to be aware of what we do online?

I think yes,

but it doesn’t mean people intentionally check on what you do online can do anything they want.

Would you stop wearing swimming suit at the beach,

Because people are checking on your body and taking pictures without your permission?

Then what are you supposed to wear then!

What we should do is to confront the people who are invading your privacy,

not giving up your freedom for these people.

I hope these people who think invading someone’s privacy is normal,

would realize that when there are perverts googling their children.

It’s not normal.