The Missing CANVAS

I have been doing web from last 7 years. My journey started with html, to zend to facebook apps developments and etc..etc.. An era when many actions where performed on canvas.

Yes you are getting it right, I am pointing to Facebook Canvas Applications. Ones that were iframed, ones that were over flowing your feeds with scores updates, ones that used to send you invites, and one place where Zynga was born. I myself had built as many as 70+ canvas applications, all serving different purpose and using different facebook elements.

I was in love with Open graph when it was launched in October 2011. I thought it would revolutionize how apps and user would interact on Facebook. App specific timelines and deep open graph actions integration, with custom views for each actions. And I heard of companies that were build specifically to help you integrate open graph on your web or app.

Also can’t forget small facebook tab applications. I worked for one of the Digital agency, and there were many business Pages that ran small campaigns to target new customer and fetch their contact details. Small contests that brought more interactivity to their pages.

So what went wrong, nothing as such in terms of web. But lose is greater with rise of more mobile users. With more mobile users joining facebook, pages and application businesses are loosing more customer, more interactivity and at the end more business. And canvas applications are almost dead.

Businesses that used to build audience from contests and feedback, have lost one of their very good means of interaction.