How to Stay in Premium Hotels without Blowing Your Expense Account

Who does not want to live the life of a royal when on a vacation at Jodhpur? Just looking at the mighty forts and the palatial palaces seems insufficient for a regal holiday. Though tourists desire to enjoy a posh living on their Jodhpur vacation, they often end up staying at normal hotels as premium hotel Jodhpur are considered extremely costly and out of reach of most of the tourists visiting the city. But the fact is you can enjoy an affluent stay at Jodhpur without blowing your expense account. How? Checkout the following tips.

Book Packages

At premium hotel Jodhpur, you can get considerable discounts if you book complete packages; these top-class hotels generally do not provide discounts on nightly rates. Another way to reduce the complete package rate is by going for offers in which the breakfast, lunch or dinner are included. In this way, you can save on the cost of food.

Get quotes from several hotels

One of the necessary steps that you may follow to book 3 star hotels in Jodhpur is by getting quotes from different hotels before choosing one. This keeps you in a good position to decide which hotel can offer you with the best comfort at a reasonable price. Sometimes the price is mentioned excluding the taxes; hence when you are getting the quotes be sure that you know the amount of tax has to be paid.

Go for Pre-booking

If you want to spend less on your 3 star hotels in Jodhpur booking, plan your trip much earlier to the travel date. Room rates increase during the peak season and depends on the availability. If you are booking hotels at the last minute, you may end up booking the most luxurious rooms.

Choose the Right Time

Jodhpur is a tourist hotspot and hence if you are booking premium hotel Jodhpur, the room rates will be high in the peak season. If you are a solo traveler or do not care much about the heat, you may go for off-season booking. The room rates are generally low during this time.

Avoid Booking Excess Rooms

When you travel with family or friends, you end up booking a double bed room only for a single person, due to the odd number of tourists. Instead of spending money on booking a complete room, you can ask for extra beds within the same room; the cost of a bed is generally less in 3 star hotels in Jodhpur than the rooms.

Now stay with luxury at the premium hotels of Jodhpur, planning beforehand and thinking rationally.