A slice of Life

While strolling around after a stressful day at the office to find some solace, I could hear the cheerful birds chirping, leaves rustling to create a soothing sound and feel the cold breeze driving past me and shivering me up. All this should make anyone tranquil, and I too was at peace, yet I felt like there was a traffic jam inside my head. My thoughts were not clear, I was not able to enjoy the peaceful environment and I felt distraught. Not that I had a really bad day, nor there was something very distressing going on in my life, still this lack of calmness. I have a good job, I try to stay healthy, I run, I have a lot of cheerful friends, my family loves me but I always feel that some piece of the puzzle is missing. Now, a few years after passing out of college, some of us might as well be in the same state sometimes, despite the fact that there is nothing wrong with our life which is worth this stress. In this condition, we try to find the purpose of our life, we try to discover the reason for our existence and in the process we end up taking a lot of stress, which we really don’t deserve.

We all have worked really hard to achieve what we have, thinking everything will be all right, but it isn’t, we feel cheated. YES, that coaching class teacher and the neighbor uncle was wrong, two years of hard work doesn’t mean you will have a fulfilling life. But think again, isn’t your life a bit chilled out, you have a job, you feed yourself(really well actually), you are not dependent on others, you go on vacations with your friends and family, you party hard, hopefully you are healthy with no diseases to trouble you, what else do you want?. Let me answer that for you. Now, all this is the definition of a decent and fulfilling life in the dictionary of the generation which brought us up, not in ours, we rather prefer to have our own. Over a period of time, the definition of fulfilling and decent lifestyle has changed dramatically. The previous generation gave up a lot, no matter if they earned less or more, they worked really hard to earn it so that they can have their children live “their” definition of a fulfilling life, so that, earning “our” livelihood becomes a little easier for us and we can have a balanced life with time for everything.

On the contrary, we like things to be exciting and prefer to live on the edge. We don’t want to live the boring yet peaceful life our parents wanted us to live. We don’t want to work 9 to 5 and sit inside the cubicle all our life. We have really high ambitions and yes we do shoot for the stars. We might fail, but we are ready to embrace it with open arms. We contemplate on what went wrong and try to learn from our mistakes. All because our mind doesn’t like being left idle. We don’t even know what a fulfilling life is supposed to mean for us. We see our friends doing a lot of different things and that makes us anxious, because we haven’t yet figured out the next major step in our careers. Thus, we don’t give importance to what we have. We are constantly busy chasing our dreams, in fact for some of us, even that is also not clear, we are just stumbling around.

But what I think is, instead of taking so much stress, we can actually work on sharpening our skills, because eventually, we will realize our purpose, we will get that first break and we should be prepared for it with all our might. Life might not give us a lot of chances, but we should be ready for whatever comes in our way. Just contemplating and taking stress is not going to make things easier, nor is it going to help us realize our dream. We can spend on developing new skills, learn a new language, learn to play a music instrument, play a sport we have always desired to play, read books, build an app if we think it’s worth it, if not, at least we will be better than our previous self. We might as well find our passion in one of these things. I know this is not that simple to follow, I myself find it difficult to stick to it, but here I am, giving life lessons and advises to the reader in my first ever blog post, in fact, my first piece of article in years. But that’s how I started, I always wanted to work on improving my writing, I always wanted to write like one of those pros. This one might not be that great, but I am sure I will be better than my previous self after I have completed this one. I got myself into a habit of reading in order to do this. I think it’s my first step towards conserving my identity and making sure that I don’t get lost in this infuriating crowd. I don’t exactly know what my dream is, but I know it will require me to be able to convey my ideas clearly to others, be it through speech or text, it will require me to have good technical knowledge in my field, then only I can live the life I have imagined for myself. I know my routine is bad, I need to wake up early which till this day I haven’t started, but I know it is a must for me, I will have to push myself a little more in order to achieve it. These are really small things which keep me busy, focussed towards my goal and relieves me of unnecessary stress.

We deserve the peace that we have because life is a bumpy ride, you never know when things might turn a little rough, so enjoy and respect what you have to the fullest, at the same time work on developing skills which matters to you.

Making comparison is like a disease which eats us from within, taking away our identity and quirks gradually and one piece at a time, so stop doing it, be yourself!

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and for once, I took the one most travelled by, and there is nothing wrong with it.”

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