The next big thing :(

Are you still waiting?

What is the next big thing on internet coming? No there isn’t any big thing coming on internet, yeah I am not kidding, I will make you realize the same as I proceed with some of my observations, So keep reading.

Internet is like a free soul put it into anything it takes that shape and form. Use it as a search engine, connect with friends or broadcast yourself. It can turn into anything. Since its inception it has already made many companies bigger and people richer.

Forget about the inception period, lets concentrate on era after 2005 when Facebook went viral and investors started seeing potential in Internet companies (There will be conflicts of thoughts here, please comment).

Everyone just started making social networking sites just to beat Facebook even Google didn’t stop, it went with G+ (Seriously who uses it).After that there came an era of mobile apps (All thanks to Android) and more apps like Instagram (useless), SnapChat (Why in this world) and sites like Pinterest , tumblr (high quality porn gallery) came to existence with super funding and dumb MBA’s investing in them. Although apps like whatsApp (Game changers) were an exception.

Suppose you and your friend had an awesome web application idea, which you take to next level by building it and hosting it but the site doesn’t get the attention which you think it should get or the other sites have acquired in past. The main reason is that what ever you think today is already made by someone, maybe not exact but similar and among the other reasons is money, you don’t have any and so called tech companies do, Nowadays along with the awesome concept your site also needs marketing which was not the case in 2005s or earlier. Advertising is the big part of today’s website success rate. No matter how shitty your app is, with advertising you can get ample number of hits and downloads.

So how your awesome idea is going to reach the masses with no money. The next step you take is knock on investors door, now the ball is in their court you just wait and watch how they evaluate your site in terms you have never heard of. ROI and revenue model will ruin your original idea. You still keep hope that you will be the next hot startup like product hunt (LOL). But don’t worry if your app is exact copy of some other app then you have chances of getting funded because as earlier I said those dumb MBAs don’t take risk on new ideas (Brilliant way of doing business).

Internet’s pretty awesome journey further is nothing much but overrated applications forced on users by big tech companies and the actual idea buried deep in the web which will never see the light of day, although there can be exception if the universe really wants it.

I always think in early days of internet everything went VIRAL, Now it just don’t.