Alternatives To College That Will Change Your Life
Tomas Laurinavicius

I really loved this article. I am college student who is somehow managing to work on my designing and digital marketing skills. I have worked for a start-up business as a part of my internship at a place far way from my home and believe me every word in this article writer said about travelling is way too relevant. I do find it difficult to prepare myself for my dreams while continuing my engineering studies but the only choice I got is to focus mainly on those subjects that can help me with my goals. I would suggest college students it’s worth leaving college if it is not helping you with your cause but if it’s is helping then try you best to make better use of the time you spend in college, form teams and start something of you own because it will provide you the utmost experience that you need to strive while travelling on path of entrepreneurship.

I found this article so meaningful that I will share it with all my friends who got eyes filled with dreams and blood filled passion to convert their dreams into a surreal reality.

Thanks for filling me with confidence.