Sophie Rhodes

Hailing from Sharon, Massachusetts, Sophie Rhodes was drawn to Boston University for its urban feel and the beautiful city it’s in. “I love the city schools,” Rhodes explains. Not only does she live half an hour away from Massachusetts’ capital, Rhodes was born in Seattle, Washington and lived in New York for a year.

When asked what kitchen appliance she would be, Rhodes answered with “a whisk” almost immediately with no hesitation. She then explained her answer with, “because you get to stir things up,” most likely because of the clever pun. She also impulsively said her life motto was “life sucks and then you die,” but after decided that “you only live once” was a better and less negative response.

This year, Rhodes is going to be a junior at Sharon High School. Rhodes says that she “loves the people, but the school is ugly.” SHS is a pretty small school, due to the low population of the town. She says that everyone at Sharon High School is “really boring and mellow” rather than the iconic spirited school as seen in High School Musical.

Since Rhodes is going to be a Junior, she is also starting to look at colleges. Rhodes says that she has started the search and New York University and Boston University have already caught her eye. Rhodes hopes to study communications, specifically public relations, during the next four years at whichever college she chooses.

Rhodes is a yoga enthusiast with an identical twin sister. She often finds herself calling her dog, Fifi, a pig because of her weight. She also has a pet parakeet named Abigail. Rhodes also loves listening to music, specifically spanish, and when asked if she speaks spanish Rhodes answered with “un poco,” which is proof enough that she is practically fluent.

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