Free Process Template — One-Pager Flow and Process Diagram

Mar 31, 2018 · 3 min read

Key to Success: One-pager overview


I have learned through my career that a ‘one-pager’ overview is an easy and great way to communicate. To explain a complex process flow or a roadmap on one page is key to success. Your customer (or colleague) doesn’t have to remember a 15 slide deck and you are all looking at the same and don’t have memorize anything from a previous slide.

I have successfully create my own one-pager template, which I have used to illustrate product development process flow, sales process, and marketing flow etc. I have also used it to illustrate how information flow into the business, what get’s triggered and what is the outcome.

The challenge is always that your and your audience will approach the process with different perspective. For example; I will look at if from a product development/marketing angle with the product life cycle in mind, and my audience will look at it with their tasks/responsibilities in mind, which offen is when they interact with the process. So be ready to modify the process flow and remember a process will never stay static it’s important to make sure it will improve and enhance through it’s own lifecycle.

Zoom Out

Another learning is to zoom far out from the the process and look at the customer experience and then peel the layers of the process. If you mapped out a detail you will already have lost a few people from your audience. Think is as a story telling and then zoom in while you go through the process.

There are many templates available and I still go back to my google slide template, it easy, it’s already in the smallest font and the color scheme is just a proposal and easy to change to map any process.

Examples of where to use the template:

  • Product Development Phase
  • Digital Marketing Process
  • New Business Opportunity Flow
  • Detail Level of Product development Phases
  • Sales Funnel Process
  • Cross Functional Team Flow

Download Free Flow & Process Diagram

Free Template


Follow the link to download the free template:

I hope you have success using this template — This is always the first template, I think of when I have to communicate and map out a process and I have used it for a couple of years within different organizations.

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