We’ve heard the buzz around Bitcoin and their activist movement to separate the state from financial control and citizen oversight.

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Cypherpunks are activists advocating strong use of cryptography and privacy-enhancing technologies as a route to social and political change.

In the case of Bitcoin, they plan to achieve this by onboarding as many people as they can onto using the cryptocurrency. This has been done by widespread recruitment of new members, be it through mining, running a node or straight up buying the cryptocurrency.

Recently it has become more of a cult following than a revolutionary movement. The community is becoming increasingly more attached to ideological beliefs with a blatant disregard for reality. …

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As soon as you enter the world of finance you learn about the intricacies that make the World stand and go. The current financial system is a fiasco, going down that rabbit hole, only made me more bitter, pessimistic and hopeless.
Imagine if I had never investigated into what makes our economies run and how we treat money; the one thing we base our lives around today.

Yes, it’s a borderline conspiracy theory, the way our global system is based on lies and leans toward self-destructive tendencies. …

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This past weekend was a treat for players in need of a dose of nostalgia as the Classic version of “WoW” got released. The MMORPG World of Warcraft is a 15-year-old game that has stuck around with sheer strength and surprising success up to this day. Released by Blizzard Entertainment it has gone through 7 major expansion updates, in which new content is added.

Players have stayed loyal to this game for many reasons. Obviously it was a lot of fun. The openness of the World, which allowed you to go anywhere and do anything you wanted, inspired a sense…

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Just what exactly does the word “economy“ represent? It represents the efficient use of resources in any given endeavor, be it manufacturing, trade, etc.

Wall Street, central banks, governments, and companies have gone too far in taking the resources of today with the promise of paying for them tomorrow. This is shown in intricate financial instruments that create value out of abstract or stupid ideas, like subprime mortgages and other dubious loans with zero to none chance of succeeding. Or how governments and central banks all over the world have decided to print up more money and increase our debt.

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Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Unsplash

Those sometimes bulky stubs in our back pockets are getting a complete overhaul. What’s that one thing you can guarantee a person will have on them? It’s usually their wallet, keys, and phone. What happens when you forget your wallet at home? You carry your bank cards, ID, cash and a number of other loyalty program cards along with some receipts. That’s a lot of responsibility and baggage you need to worry about.

Given the rise in popularity of smartphones, their use has begun to border on unhealthy and addictive. A good example of this is people staring at their…

There’s this old economic principle, which is tied to credit, which is responsible for the expansion of an economy.

But we can’t keep going into debt forever, can we?

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Photo by Dario Morandotti on Unsplash


Each time someone takes a loan, they’re using that money to spend it, perhaps to buy something. Anything.
The important part is that the money is added into circulation, hence the expansion. In an economy, people get paid that way, they find buyers for their products and services, they receive and they give. It’s a circle that goes both ways.

In economics, this is a measurable phenomenon that historically happens in…

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Photo by Adeolu Eletu on Unsplash

This week I attended a MyData meetup in Ljubljana, hosted by Datafund — a Slovenian startup that wants to return data ownership back in your hands with the help of blockchain technology.

And it’s only fair. Lately, there’s been a lot of talk of Privacy abuse(Facebook, anyone?) and how Surveillance Capitalism is using the data we input for their own benefit and no compensation to us.


Interestingly, in the recent “FaceApp” scandal users would willingly give access to their entire photo libraries just so that they can use the app’s cool facial recognition software which renders an image of an…

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Photo by Jacob Morrison on Unsplash

Bitcoin’s price at the time of writing is $11,313. The cryptocurrency market has seen a significant pullback recently, most of which I attribute to the dovish Fed’s call to cut interest rates and proceed with devaluating the dollar further; stimulating the economic growth in the short term.

As the S&P500 stock market index reaches a new all-time high, there is a disturbingly low amount of people screaming the apocalypse is nearing.

The bubble nobody seems to be talking about consists of inflated stock prices, hyper overvaluations of companies with smaller realistic earnings. While some companies are profitable, the reports behind that are worth looking into.

Moreover the interest rate on government-issued bonds, or the “interest yield curve” has fallen to critically low levels, it is apparent from the first look that the situation is grim and hopeless. …

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Photo by Steve Sawusch on Unsplash

You’ve got to get the scoop of something that’ll blow your mind. Ethereum, a popular blockchain network is a host to a “No Lose Lottery”.

In the most recent innovation by PoolTogether.us, people gather their money and buy lottery tickets, which gives them a chance to be drawn and win the “big” prize.

The best part about it is that if you don’t win, you get your money back!

I know, I know, sounds like a scam, or a cheap marketing trick. But you got to realize that the underlying technology that everyone’s been talking about and turning investor overnight…


A writer from Slovenia, cryptocurrency investor, web developer, and a big picture thinker. Can be found on Twitter, tidying up: https://twitter.com/sanneh_si

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