A bit about the design process of the All of Bach online magazine

Sanne Wijbenga
Jun 23, 2014 · 5 min read

This interview with me first appeared on Obeymagazine.com (http://www.obeymagazine.com/all-of-bach-website/)

Recently I stumbled on the new All of Bach website. Allofbach.com is an initiative of the Netherlands Bach Society, the leading Bach ensemble in the world. In anticipation of it’s 100th anniversary in 2021, the Netherlands Bach Society decided to record all of Johan Sebastian Bach’s work. Fabrique was asked to create a platform to make all this available for the public. Sanne Wijbenga was responsible for the Art Direction behind this project. Sanne is known for the work he did for Allerhande and Rijksmuseum (good for 8 awards). There must be some kind of secret behind all these stunning results. Sanne Wijbenga takes you through the design process of the ‘All of Bach’ so we can hopefully find out his secret.

Can you give us a short brief bio about yourself?

Can you give us a short brief about the assignment?

What did you guys do for your inspiration?

Can you step us through your process from idea to completion?

Can we see some early sketches/visuals?

What do you regard as being your biggest achievement within this project?

People who are curious, hungry to learn and are driven achieve the most in my personal experience!

What did you learn the most about this project?

What is your advice for youngsters that want to accomplish the same as you did?

With that last questions this interview came to an end. For the students that read this article. Remember that you stay curious and have the right attitude. If you have more questions towards Sanne. You can always send him a messages through his Twitter account. Underneath you will find the designs of the result. Go to AllofBach.com for the full experience.

The complete project description can be found at http://www.sannewijbenga.com/work/#/all-of-bach/

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