That video was a game-changer for me. If you’ve read some of my articles before, compare any of them to this and you’d see how much progress I’ve made since I saw the video.

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So, the other day I was roaming through Youtube (like a roaring lion) looking for what to devour.

And because Youtube tends to know me more than I know myself, it recommended just what I needed at the time — a video of Dan Lok on Copywriting exercises. …

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Ever wondered how you can get a credit card in Nigeria? Perhaps you have been looking for where to get a credit card in Nigeria. Look no more; grab a seat (and popcorn) and enjoy.

I booked a reservation at Golden Tulip Hotel Ajao Estate last night. When I woke up the next day, I was famished. So, I decided to get myself breakfast. Guess what I had as Breakfast? Well, I had spaghetti, hotdog, plantain, mushroom, and a chicken lap.

Enjoyment right? Well, Maybe. While eating, a white man joined my table and we greeted each other and we conversed while we both had our meal. …

Gmail Promotions Tab
Gmail Promotions Tab
You see the circled? That’s exactly where your mails shouldn’t go

My suspicion is that you don’t want to be that marketer that sends mails that end up “there” — you don’t wanna go there.

Gmail Promotions tab is one of the most dreaded dungeons for email marketers. This is understandable considering the challenges it comes with.

To start with, recipients of your mail won’t receive notifications when your mail drops. The second problem with Gmail Promotions tab is that the mails there clearly didn’t make it to the primary inbox. This reduces the possibility that your recipients would open it.

I was trying to send a sales promotion mail for a client recently and I have to admit it took some work to finally get it right (make it to the primary inbox). I had to do a lot of testing, corrections, undo and redo somethings before I finally got the hack. …


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