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Aug 9, 2019 · 4 min read

If you’re interested in health or genetics, you should definitely follow these people on Twitter:

Dr Chris Gunter

You can find Dr Gunter @girlscientist on Twitter where she regularly posts updates on women in science, companies to watch out for and interesting research papers, including her own work. Chris is a geneticist, science communicator and associate professor at the Department of Paediatrics and Department of Human Genetics at Emory University School of Medicine.

Eric Topol

Eric Topol posts insightful opinions about the healthcare sector, book reviews and recommendations as well as thought-provoking articles and reports. Eric is a physician-scientist, author and editor. His new book ‘Deep Medicine’ is out now; it discusses the future of AI and machine learning in healthcare. We spoke to Eric about the same subject for one of our recent podcast episodes — if you’re into health and tech you should definitely give it a listen.

Cecilia Lindgren

Cecilia Lindgren is the Director of Graduate at the Nuffield Department of Medicine, Professor at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics and Senior Research Fellow at St. Anne’s College. She posts updates from her field and retweets some of the most relevant and interesting content on the platform. You can find her @Ceclindgren on Twitter.

Ewan Birney

Ewan Birney is Director of The European Bioinformatics Institute and has a group doing genomics research. You can find him @EwanBirney on Twitter, where he posts (very!) regular updates about his life and work. He also has interesting conversations with other scientists around the world and invites you to be a fly on the wall — not an opportunity to be missed!

Stephen Salzberg

Stephen Salzberg is a Bloomberg Distinguished Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Computer Science and Biostats at Johns Hopkins University. He’s also blogger at Forbes on science and medicine. Stephen’s Twitter feed is full of myth-busting posts and he actively tries to counter scare-mongering articles about health.

Misha Angrist

Associate professor at Duke University and author Misha Angrist posts regular genetics news updates as well as opinions, thoughts and facts. You can follow him @MishaAngrist on Twitter and check out his new book available on Amazon ‘Here is a human being: At the dawn of personal genomics’.

Mendels Pod

Mendels Pod is a regular podcast that tells the stories of scientists around the world. It has a humongous range of topics from sequencing and gene editing all the way to single cell genomics and liquid biopsies. Keep up to date with them on Twitter @MendelsPod where you’ll be the first to hear about their new podcast episodes.

Adam Rutherford

Adam Rutherford is a science writer and broadcaster. He’s written multiple books and you can find some of his wit, humour and intelligence on his Twitter feed too! Keep up with him @AdamRutherford and join his huge hoard of 71.6 thousand other followers.

Graham Coop

Graham Coop is an evolutionary and population geneticist at the University of California, Davis. On Twitter, he posts clever, almost satirical updates about what’s going on in the world, as well as interesting facts and articles on evolution, human genetics and ancestry.

Cathryn Lewis

Dr Cathryn Lewis is a highly regarded Professor of Genetic Epidemiology and Statistics at King’s College London. She’s already been featured on our podcast discussing The Genetics Of Depression (which you should definitely listen to). She posts news about upcoming and ongoing studies and also gives you an insight into the life of a university professor.

Ed Yong

Ed Yong is a science writer at The Atlantic with over 164 thousand followers on Twitter — and for good reason. Ed posts regularly about popular topics and current problems facing our societies today. You can find him @EdYong209 and we thoroughly recommend that you do!

Yaniv Erlich

Yaniv Erlich is the Chief Security Officer at MyHeritage. He’s a great person to follow if you’re into the technology around DNA testing and he uses some great graphs to help you understand his points. You can find him on Twitter @Erlichya or on the Erlich Lab Website.

Joe Pickrell

Joe Pickrell is a statistical geneticist and CEO of Gencove. We had the pleasure to speak with him for one of our podcast episodes about a range of topics from low-pass sequencing to the ways in which modern humans are still evolving. You can find him @Joe_Pickrell on Twitter where he posts thought-provoking blog posts and articles.

Giles Yeo

Gile Yeo is a BBC presenter and geneticist from Cambridge University, studying food intake and obesity. He’s also the author of the new book ‘Gene Eating’. We’ve already sat down with Giles for a really interesting conversation about the genetics of obesity, you can listen to it now on our podcast. You can also follow him on Twitter @GilesYeo for useful articles, opinions and a little bit of myth busting too.

Tuuli Lappalainen

Tuuli Lappalainen is the group leader at the New York Genome Centre & Columbia University, studying functional variation in the human genome. You can follow her Twitter feed @tuuliel where she posts new research papers and retweets some of the best collated genetics content from the platform.

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