Google Kotlin support

Google Kotlin support

Great news for Android Developers!

Google announced that it will officially support Kotlin on Android as a “first-class” language.

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In addition to this, Kotlin tools will be included with Android Studio 3.0 by default and Google will work closely with Jetbrains to contribute supporting the language. They will work together to move the Kotlin language into a non profit foundation. Even better IDE support and amazing things like kotlin-android-extensions are just around the corner!

What does Google’s official support really mean?

We will see a similar transition to the one iOS went through from Objective C to Swift. Companies will start making the Kotlin decision and Java will still be supported on Android. Kotlin provides 100% Java interoperability, this means a higher and faster adoption rate!

As mentioned by Google, Kotlin is production ready. Although Google’s official support means a huge boost in popularity, it’s important to note it is not going to “make Kotlin great again”. All recognition must go to Jetbrains, the awesome contributors and the huge Android community that embraced Kotlin making Jetbrains aware that the usage of Kotlin on Android was going to be the next BIG thing!

Is this Google or Kotlin?

As a Kotlin developer, after 8 months I can say that my experience was impressively good. The only issue I ran into was with Dagger2 with Kotlin in which I found straight away multiple solutions.

Same thing happened with Mockito. The fact that all classes are final by default in Kotlin caused some issues for people trying to implement Unit Tests in their Kotlin apps. Jetbrains and Mockito (in a matter of days) released solutions to address this issue, showing Android Developers that Kotlin Android problems were crucial and needed to be addressed properly in a short window of time.

These and a few other stories built up Kotlin confidence as a strong and updated programming language when considering building an Android application. Google’s official support is just adding even more to this.

Kudos to Jetbrains and a special mention to that made even more enjoyable to learn about this new language!

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I also wanted to share an introductory presentation about Kotlin. Feel free to use and share!

Android Developer Kotlin FAQ already up!

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