Potter Maniac!!!

To the New York and World’s Best selling novel by JKR to the seven unrivaled film adaptations of the book series, there has been no disappointment to various fans of all sections of the society. Indeed a milestone for all teenagers and the vanquish of self belief and the victory of good always. Characterizations portrayed with such strength so that there was a tinge of reality to be associated with always.

Why the whole Harry Potter epoch seemed to be bona fide and chosen :-

A complete package put in a most acceptable form, from fantasy to romance to politics. From mythology to technology to some extent with relevance, humor made not so vulgar yet attractions for the adulthood too. A conversational language and attention to detail, made so simple capturing all minds especially in the computer era.

Hermoine, a female character having a progressive role never bogged down by her muggle origin yet so assertive in all her endeavors throughout the series. Characters have life, substance and the necessary potion to have one engrossed in the plot. Such as, Ron, displaying true friendship, romance between Ron and Hermoine, Sirius as the GodFather, a vital role, Weasleys for loyalty, Malfoys for hatred, Dumbledore for benevolence and shrewdness, Hagrid for pure affection and Voldemort for the most grueling villainous character ever to be depicted and much more.

Quidditch, undeniably a captivating game to all folks, maybe with less relevance with the actual plot but with much levity. A complex sport played on broomsticks makes it more intriguing and gives an athlete label to Harry bringing in the much needed concept of sports into the series. Maybe Harry being a Seeker personifies what he achieves in the series at the end.

Centered on courage, a positive factor instilled in most of the readers to do the right thing and have the guts to achieve the impossible (maybe). Being brave isn’t just thrashing the bad guy but with characters such as Neville standing up in the right time for your friends, sacrifice for your beloved ones and the grit to love unconditionally.

Finally, Fantasy just for the heck of it. Magic — Castles, Dragons, Wands, Broomsticks, Spells, newfangled creatures and stories to dream on. Plot played safe and well spun such that no loose ends left and the magic woven beautifully in the readers mind that there is no grinding halt.

There’s more to it than a simple enthralling story. It has been an essential childhood reading ensuring every reader to cast a spell or dream about an entrance to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Fiction and fantasy does help in assuaging evil thoughts and provides some political correctness with the best amount of entertainment ever possible.

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