Sans-cubicle, but not Sans-sanity.

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Sanscubicle is a result of a 4 year long exploration out of Khoob, into the future of work in India. To read/hear more about this exploration please click here.

खूब.com — A Startup Studio for Radical Explorations for India.

Ok, off the blocks, we are different, very different — by design. Below we explain how we are different. If you would like to jump straight to our application form click here.

The Office?

We don’t have an office. Yup no brick and mortar office with a nice reception and Italian lounge chairs in the waiting room. We have an official address, but that is more like a mailbox with a permanent “Gone Fishing” sign.

We weren’t kidding.

We are fully remote. Our entire team is spread across India and we function using a really cool tech stack we built in-house, run by an AI bot with a bit of personality, we call itAath (8).

Meet Aath (8) Our Slack AI Bot that manages all our back office.

Org Chart?

We are a completely flat organisation consisting of India’s finest minds in the space of Design, Technology, Marketing, Legal, Finance and HR. We call them Principals. Not Senior Principal, or Junior Principal … simply Principal.

During client engagements, our teams are purposely small. We occasionally use the term Special Ops / Navy Seals. Small, quick and efficient. A case study will be the best way to explain how our Principals function during an engagement. Click here to read more.

Work Life Balance.

Ok, this is a doozy. We try to limit our Principals to 60 hours per month for engagement related work. Why? There are other things in life, eg. collecting crypto kitties maybe? With that said, we aim to keep compensation competitive and at par with full-time compensation rates here in India (more in our FAQ section below).

Profit Sharing.

We believe in sharing the wealth. Since we don’t have “Partners, [fill title]”, we spread the profits with all of our Principals based on hourly input relative to the entire team of Principals. The dividend which is pushed out quarterly, is our way of saying thank you (even if you decide to move on from Sanscubicle).

Our Principal’s Dashboard.

It’s 2020, we were supposed to get flying cars, we didn’t so we decided to settle for a radically different workplace.

Principal Positions Currently Open





Research + Copy




The application process?

We have a simple, “Darwinistic” philosophy of hiring new Principals. Following are the steps:

a) Click here and fill out an application.

b) Your application gets added to our hiring channel where current Principals vote based on your Application (we use a DAO system).

c) If you are selected, we reach out and bring you on as a Pilot Principal.

d) As a Pilot Principal we staff you on 1–2 small, low beta projects (typically non-client related work). This lasts about 4–6 weeks and you can complete these remotely. These projects allow us to gauge fit, style and your ability to deliver at the standards we are known for. It also gives you the chance to see if Sanscubicle is a good fit for you. Over the course of your projects during the pilot period you are paid 50% of a normal Principal’s hourly rate. We value your time as we do ours, even if it’s for an interview process.

e) During this period we measure Pilot Principals on: Quality of work, timely delivery and level of engagement with our team of Principals. If everything works out, we then bring you on as a Principal.

f) As an applicant, the following is What we don’t care about: Your college, your degree, your past employers, your “awards”, your sex, sexual orientation or where you are geographically located.

Click here to Apply to be a Principal


What is the average experience you are looking for in a Principal?

5 years +

Is this a full-time opportunity or part-time?

We leave this decision completely up to the Principal. We currently have Principals who are full-time as well as some who are part-time.

Can a Principal work on other freelance projects on the side?

Yes. As long as there isn’t any competitive misalignment with an engagement the Principal is currently staffed on. All our Principals have to sign strict NDAs prior to coming onboard.

What is the average compensation I can expect?

Currently (as of January, 2020) a Principal averaging 60 Hours per month is making: INR 10.81 Lac /year (pre-tax). A Principal averaging 80 Hours per month is making INR 14.4 Lac / year (pre-tax).

A few things to note:

1). The calculation above assumes a monthly average using our Hourly rate from January 2020. Our monthly rates change every month based on data, ie. a monthly increase of 0.5% would proportionately increase Principal compensation and vice versa.

2). The calculation does not include the quarterly Profit disbursement.

Does Sanscubicle have an internship program?

Unfortunately, we currently don’t have one.

Do I have to come and work from an office?

We are fully remote. So no :)

Who founded the company and when?

Sanscubicle was founded in 2020 by a small team at Khoob as a result of a 4 year explorations into the Future for Work in India.

Where is the main office?

New Delhi, India

Where can I follow you guys on Social Media?

Instagram , Facebook, Twitter

How can I apply?

Simply click here.


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Dear India — Meet your Consulting Agency of the Future.

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