The Origin of Sanscubicle.

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Sanscubicle was the result of a 4 year exploration out of Khoob into the future of work in India. The following is an excerpt from the original post from the team at Khoob.

An audio conversation below by the founder of Khoob followed by support data & content (rabbit hole).

The Rub (Problem).

Indians currently have one of the longest avg. working hours in the world.

When it comes to happiness, India ranks 140th from 156 countries.

70% of Indians are unhappy at their jobs.

Work is the number 1 reason for unhappiness amongst working Indians.

By 2050 India will have the largest working population in the world.

Are we building the world’s largest workforce of unhappy sheeple?

The Home Work

Some of the radical ideas we came across when we kicked off our exploration 4 years ago.

Fully Remote Companies.

Nordic Flexiworking

Flat Organisations

Radical Transparency — eg.Buffer.

Measuring employee happiness at a granular level.

Disruptive decision making models like DAO.

The Goal Post

To build an organisation that would have the following traits:

  • No brick and mortar office. ie. fully remote.
  • No org. chart. ie. flat
  • Limit employees to 60 hours per month so they can enjoy the other things in life, while giving them industry comparable compensation.
  • Care about employee happiness.

What type of an org would this be?

Four years ago the gig economy was starting to kick in, this led to success of companies like Ola, Zomato, Urban Company.

If you spectrally lay down the skills, Ola / Zomato will be on the left with slightly upskilled individuals to the right (Urban Company). We decided to explore the space to the extreme right, ie. SMEs, subject matter experts.

For something this radical, we decided to look at radical thinkers. ie. creatives. We built Lazy Eight a fully distributed creative agency as our vehicle to test our tech platform and radical work thesis with some of the best right brain thinkers in the country, we called them Principals.

The Tech Stack

We decided to use Slack as our foundation, and built a bot we called Aath (8). This eventually morphed into an all out back office management system reducing our overheads significantly.

Aath in action on Slack.

The Results

The idea of Lazy Eight was to serve as a vehicle for us to test out our tech stack and radical work thesis.

  • 250 clients (Uber, Hyperloop, Adidas, Birla)
  • $1MM Revenue over the time of the exploration
  • 70% GM
  • A Principal with 60 hours / month ended up making 38% above the average annual comp for a senior designer here in India.
Some stats from Lazy Eight.

Introducing Sanscubicle

  • A new age consulting firm for India.
  • A workforce consisting of India’s brightest minds on the cloud as a managed utility.
  • Services: Design, Technology, Marketing, Legal, HR and Finance.

“Our clients can now focus on their product / business, while our Principals help them take care of the rest.

Meet the Brand

Meet our website and Platform


(user: earlyadopter / pass: peopleoversheeple)

Careers at Sanscubicle


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Dear India — Meet your Consulting Agency of the Future.

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