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Fig. 1 Kai Gesture Controlled Applications

It has only been a little over seven decades since the first computers were invented. At the time, they were bulky and expensive but their spread was limited due to another major factor. User Interactivity. Scientists working on those computers, had to literally punch in holes onto boards to give binary instruction. Since this crude, cumbersome and a rather humble origin, our computers and methods we interact with them has come a long long way.

Gesture — The Future of UI

The human brain is hardwired to the real world. This means that it is not normal for us to interact with anything in 2D, especially not technology that we use so frequently. …

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An electric circuit is a set of connections between electronic components. In a very abstract form, and electric circuit has a source of electric current, a destination for the current (ground) and electro-mechanical components that draw power from the flow of electricity to do some work. A PCB or Printed Circuit Board is essentially a circuit which can be feasibly and reliably mass produced. Mass production reduces cost and lower cost lead to more consumption leading to virtuous production cycle.

Take note that the primary purpose of a PCB is to finally be mass produced. Several DIY developers design PCB’s for just prototyping and are not necessarily rigorously looking towards mass production. In this guide, I will highlight the entire procedure, in a step by step guide to design production grade PCB. …

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Embedded Systems are really small and task specific computers. They are power-efficient and compact with a long operating time on small battery capacity.

Machine Learning on the other hand can be quite resource intensive, requires a lot of data and consequently involves a ton of computation. …


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