HONCHI builds trust engines! First of its kind in India

So how long do you think you can rely on a third party for all the candidates you recruit every year? Be it the IT Giants of the corporate sector or the budding startup companies, employees are hired every year, every month, and every day! And there’s always a third party who does the background checks of all these candidates intaken. Now this process includes lot of manual work, time and yes the reliability is definitely debatable.

Honchi Solutions, a Bengaluru based company tries to put an end for all these middlemen by building trust engines which empowers human interactions!

Honchi, is a product based company started by Sanskriti Gupta and D.K.Gupta in March 2017, which aims at bringing a revolution in the background check process across India.

“Our Mission is to deliver next generation background checks using ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE and thus help business across India to verify anyone, anywhere”, Sanskriti says.

With the conventional way of background check process, a third party organization manually does this work for all the employees hired by a company.

But Honchi proposes a unique and unconventional way where there is no third party intervention. Now that sounds cool!! Yes, Honchi allows the companies to let their candidates update their information on Honchi’s platform so that the background check is done then and there based on their government documents and social media accounts.

Honchi uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques for building this platform

Since it deals with personal details, security is a prime concern she says.

Another feather in the crown for Honchi is these people are FIRST in India to offer this kind of service!!

Sanskriti says the firm was started with very few employees who have given all their hardwork and dedication for the growth of Honchi .

“There are days when we have worked hard all day all night , skipping our meals and times we forgot to refresh ourselves with the simplest tea break . I’m very proud and happy about my people “she adds with a pride in her face”.

Speaking about the future of Honchi, Sanskriti says,

“We believe to bring a revolution in the existing system, As I and my employees will take it to the advanced level where we are planning for implementing image, voice and face recognition as well”

Product Design

Briefing out, it’s explained in the figure that the servers are our front end with Datamining and Machine Learning Working at the back end. We are basically mining the data from the database using Hadoop, Apache Spark and Hue which then makes use of artificial Intelligence where we use Tensor Flow and SCI Kit which uses Machine Learning.

There’s this dashboard in our product where HR will login and upload the resume of the candidate. Once the resume is uploaded HR will send link to the candidate so that they can upload their documents. Now, candidate can open the link and Honchi will get the authority to access their accounts .Now most of the social activities are present as a record in the mail account which is the key idea of making a virtual image of a particular person . Later, once the required details are gathered, Artificial Intelligence is applied and verification is done.

Eventually, Honchi gives out a score for the candidate based on the verification done and HR can use the score to consider them.



Email: sanskriti@honchi.in