5 Mistakes People Make While Selling A Car

As tricky is buying a second hand car, selling one is no child’s game either. With numerous online portals coming up, offering a variety to the car buyer, it takes a bit more than what it used to in the past sell car online. After all, you want the best customer and the best deal for your prized possession.

If you are planning to put your car for sale, make sure you avoid these mistakes that people often make while selling one:

- Pricing the car too high will do nothing but discourage a potential buyer. While quoting it too less is again not wise, but get a fair value of your vehicle from an expert to know what your car is worth of.

- Inaccurate and incomplete description again is a put-off. If you are unsure about the details, hire second hand car evaluators to help you with a good description of your car, inclusive of — its mileage, history of accidents, modifications, recent repairs, actual condition, etc.

- Leaving the car dirty. Think about how would you like the car to be if you were buying it, and you will get your answer. Clean the car thoroughly from inside and outside to leave a good impression on the buyer.

- Incomplete/misleading photographs. A buyer will be first interested in your car by looking at the pictures posted. Once you have detailed your car, it is time to take its pictures. Make sure to include images of all sides of the vehicle body, the interior, seats (front and back), engine, wheels, etc.

- A major mistake sellers make is to forget filing the service records along with other essential documents. Service record history along with all documentation in place increases the value of your car, and gives lesser reasons for the buyer to back-off.

A second hand car purchase and selling should be dealt with the same way as for a new one. While giving the sales pitch, make sure you talk about its fuel economy, any new replaced parts, car’s safety features, performance specifications, etc. These points will help you get the best resale value of your old car, and give the end buyer a deal he/she cannot say no to.

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