How to Treat Obesity Naturally?

Obesity is a body disorder caused by accumulation of excessive fat. It occurs due to intake of excess calories, lack of physical activities, and an unsettled lifestyle. Patients suffering from obesity tend to get more prone to adverse medical conditions which forces them into a routine of heavy treatments and surgeries.

Since surgeries require a good amount of recovery time and hefty expenditure of money, it may not be a suitable option for people who are racing against time with limited sized pockets. Though there are several effective ways of reducing weight, treating obesity naturally surpasses all other methods of weight reduction.

Here are a few ways to treat obesity naturally with healthy food habits:

1. Nutrition-rich Diet

Since eating right works more effectively in weight reduction than eating less, shifting priorities towards a nutrient-rich diet can boost the weight loss process.

· High Fiber Foods

Fiber rich foods including vegetables, nuts, seeds, berries, nonfat milk etc. help to boost satiety without consumption of excess calories. They also help in keeping cholesterol levels in control.

· Clean Lean Protein

Protein is the most important building block of a human body as it strengthens bones, muscles and blood circulation. Consumption of 3 to 4 ounces of protein per meal tends to satisfy hunger with controlled calorie consumption. Foods like chicken, egg whites, pulses are a great source of natural protein.

· Omega-3 Fats

Consumption of Omega-3 fats works effectively in cases of inflammations caused by obesity. Wild caught fishes, walnuts etc. are some of the best sources of omega-3 acids.

· Coconut Products

Coconut-based food products including coconut oil and coconut milk are rich in MCFA’s, can easily burn fat, and are less likely to get stored in body like other fats.

2. Bypass Unhealthy Food

A healthy diet plan encourages a person to eat healthy, but avoiding unhealthy food is one major change a person needs to implement in pursuit of healthy life.

· Sugar and Sweetened beverages

Sugar leads to excess consumption of calories without satisfying hunger. Consumption of sweetened beverages is the major cause of obesity and weight gain in people.

· Trans and Hydrogenated fats

Consumption of Trans or hydrogenated fats promotes inflammation. Foods with no or low nutritional values are high in these fats and assist in weight gain.

Natural Dietary Supplements

Natural dietary supplements are the products (medicine, tablet, capsule) that provide nutrients extracted from natural food sources. They help to increase the quantity of nutrient consumption, and a range of Mankind pharma products aim to keep people healthy and happy. Some natural supplements that help in weight loss include:

· Green tea extract

· Green coffee extract

· Chromium

· Rhodiola

Though choice of food plays a vital role in effective weight loss, the rate of results can be escalated with inclusion of physical activities and exercising in daily routine.