Is it Safe to Use Lube with Condoms?

Adding lube both inside as well as outside the condom is a great way to reduce friction, increase sexual stimulation, and enjoy smoother sex. However, many people have concerns over the safety of lubes with condoms.

When a woman is turned on, she produces natural lubrication. Due to this reason, some people don’t consider adding lube necessary feeling that the natural lubrication is good enough to enjoy sex. Moreover, the best condoms in India already have lube on the outside which is sufficient to make sex smoother. But this natural lubrication varies with people and circumstances, which is why many people add lube to condoms in order to make sex comfier.

Especially for couples who want to have anal sex, using lubes becomes even more important as the anus doesn’t produce natural lubrication like vagina. Lubes can be oil-based or water-or silicone-based. Unfortunately, not all kinds of lubes play well with condoms.

For instance, oil-based lubes such as coconut oil, baby oil, creams, lotions, etc. can break the latex in the condoms making them more susceptible to damage. With latex condoms, oil-based lubes should be particularly avoided as they can increase the chances of condom breakage and put you and your partner at a higher risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) as well as unwanted pregnancy. Also, oil-based lubes are more likely to trap bacteria and cause further infections.

Using water-based or silicone-based lubes with condoms is a better way to make sex more comfortable and pleasurable. They are safe to apply over condoms and decrease the chances of condom breakage during sex. While both these lubes can be used with latex condoms, water-based lubes are easy to clean up but tend to last for a shorter duration as compared to silicone-based lubes and hence need to be reapplied more during sex. However, it is advisable to use only water-based lubes with toys as silicone-based lubes can damage the silicone sex toys.

As latex condoms are the most widely available, you would generally find more water or silicone-based lubes in the market. For enhanced sexual pleasure, you can try the Manforce latex condoms which can be safely used with both water-based as well as silicone-based lubes, and offer a more pleasurable and stimulating sexual experience.

Remember, better lubrication leads to better sex. However, you should only use condoms manufactured by the biggest condom brands in India to ensure greater safety during sex.