Know Your Clothes Iron — Dry & Steam

Dressing up is not only about wearing the right combination and styling right, but also about wearing crease-less clothes. That is, clothes that are ironed and do not have a single crease on them. This clean look can be achieved by two different types of iron-dry iron and the steam iron.

What is an iron?

A device used for smoothening clothes, iron is being well used since the 15th century. With a combination of pressure, heat, and humidity, it leads to smooth out creased clothes, also known as ironing the clothes. From using coal to inventing the dry iron, the most popular form of iron today is the steam iron that comes with a water spray that assists in smoothening out difficult creases.

What is dry iron?

Classic, old fashioned, a dry iron work on a very simple principle of adjusting the heat manually, depending on the type of the cloth being ironed. It causes less harm to garments that one does not wash with water, like silk. Once considered the standard iron, after the launch of the steam iron, the dry iron is not used as much as it used to be.

Dry Iron — Lazer

What is steam iron?

Quicker and cheaper, the steam iron is known as the standard iron today. They can be used both ways, as a dry iron (without the water), or as a steam iron (with water), depending on the fabric to be ironed. A steam iron can effectively release wrinkles unlike the dry iron, but only when the temperature is right and the steam setting is adjusted.

Steam Iron — Lazer

Dry iron Vs Steam iron

Though not ideal for few fabrics, a steam iron is handy and easy for day-to-day usage. While a huge range of electronic irons are focused on the usage of steam, few people still prefer using the dry iron. If you are a working person who mostly wears the usual office-wear, ironing with steam will make your work easier as it smoothens out the garments much faster than the dry iron.

But, if you are someone who wears a lot of garments made out of silk or wool, then a dry iron can be more useful to you. In conclusion, it entirely depends on the type of fabrics you wear the most, and what technology are you comfortable with. If you are looking one for your home, then it is better to buy an iron with steam. But, if you are a frequent traveller, then you must consider keeping a dry iron handy as it is light in weight and is spillage-free.