Most Common Misconceptions about Blogging Outreach

Blogging outreach is a great medium to grow your brand but only when it’s done right. Most influencer marketing agencies will have you believe they are serving you success on a silver platter but the truth is, with the changing online audience the set mechanisms of influencer outreach campaigns are changing as well.

Here are some of the misconceptions regarding blogging outreach that every business needs to be aware of to succeed at influencer marketing:

It’s all about conversions

The goal of every business is conversions, alright. But that shouldn’t be the goal of every blogging outreach campaign. Outreach is closely related to PR and its primary aim should be to raise brand reach and brand awareness by reaching more audience. If a conversion comes along in the process, that’s just cherry on the cake.

Content is king

The phrase uttered piously at every influencer meeting is now starting to lose its essence. Focusing solely on the content today leads to missed opportunities. For example, the best bit of content on the internet today won’t be as effective if a company neglects speaking with editors and doing its market research for the target audience.

Rejection means you did something wrong

At times, an influencer outreach campaign does get shot down by the public. The aftermath includes analyzing the whole campaign for what went wrong but most of the times, nothing does. The fact is that it’s extremely hard to determine large scale public response today. Some campaigns do get thumbs down despite a great idea and sadly, luck is the only factor that goes against them.

The existence of ideal blogger

There is no dearth of influencers and yet for some reason, companies try to partner on a long-term basis with a single blogger. Long-term partnerships are fine, but working through a single influencer repeatedly costs a company many potential customers. So as greater the reach and as decent the price may be of an influencer, explore.

Influencer outreach campaigns can work stupendously for any business, but they need to be executed perfectly. A level of perfection better to trust only established influencer marketing agencies with to achieve. The agency must understand well a company’s needs and drafts its plans accordingly to ensure that the brand gets the best possible result out of it like never before in the online sphere.