Somewhere, someday.

Somewhere, someday
when all she wants is
to breathe in fresh air,
just breathe,
and not be ogled
as her chest heaves,
We’ll have no time
to find her a corner.
A corner where
she’ll not have to curl up scared
where she’s no more intimidated,
where breathing won’t be
susceptible to lecherous gazes.
Somewhere, someday,
when she’s walking in the street,
in the bright sunlight,
at dawn,
at dusk,
at night,
amidst the hullabaloo;
the mind-numbing silence;
the hushed whispers,
bumping into poles,
making sure that the strap of her bra whose under-wire is poking into her ribs,
doesn’t show,
adjusting the length of her dress,
rushing her way through
those ten minutes of being gawked at,
those ten minutes of pretending
to ignore the dehumanisers
ogling her breasts,
those ten minutes of lustful glances,
and a lifetime of sheer horror,
wishing to fade in the background,
wishing to slip into the cracks, unnoticed,
craving for shelter,
a shelter from those
robbing her of the very right
to be human,
We’ll have no time
to silence the shrieks of her soul,
shrieks that’ll refuse
to abandon her mind,
for myriad days,
maybe years,
or maybe a lifetime.
Who knows?
Someday, somewhere,
when she’ll discover the truths
of treating men and women differently,
the truth that it was never required,
the truth that hers was merely a human body,
as human as that of men,
as human as it could be,
just different in composition,
the daunting truth that she never deserved the horror,
the horror of being looked at
as a mere object of desire,
the horror that gave her
sleepless nights,
she’ll throw at us,
a plethora of ‘whys’,
seeking answers to calm
her frenzied soul,
to silence the noise inside
every vein of hers.
Maybe then,
we’ll have time,
but no answers.