At MadAboutGrowth, we are learning as a community and since we are in the first week of September, it’s Marketing related blog and this is one of the most fascinating things for me w.r.t marketing. AdCopies, it can make or break millions of dollars of your client’s budget. The pressure on the ad copy writer is even more when it’s a brand launch. In this post am gonna dissect one such launch campaigns and extract learnings from the same.

In 1913, R.J. Reynolds carried out the first ever viral ad campaign and probably the most successful product launch in history…

Virtually all companies hunger evidence and tools to ascertain and monitor the payoff and payback of new investment in service. Many managers still see service and service quality as costs rather than as contributors to profit, partly because of the difficulty involved in tracing the link between service and financial returns. Determining the financial impact of service parallels the age-old search for the connection between advertising and sales.


Service quality’s result’s — like advertising’s results — are cumulative, and therefore evidence of the link may not come immediately or even quickly after investments. …

According to one of the leading experts or pricing, most service organization use a “naive and unsophisticated approach to pricing without regard to underlying shift in demand, the rate that supply can be expanded, price of available substitute, consideration of the price — volume relationship, or the availability of future substitution”.


There are three key differences between customer evaluation of pricing service and goods.

  1. Customers often have inaccurate or limited reference price for services.
  2. Monetary price is not the only price relevant to service customers.
  3. Price is a key signal of quality in service.

These three differences can have profound…

A major cause of poorly perceived service is the difference what a firm promises about a service and what it actually delivers. Customer expectation are shaped by both uncontrollable and company-controlled factors. Word-of-mouth communication, social media, publicity, customer-generated media, customer experiences with other service providers, and customer needs are key factor that influence customer expectations and are rarely controlled by the firm


Controllable factors such as company advertising, personal selling, and promises made by service personnel also influence customer expectation. By coordinating communication within and outside the organization, companies can minimize the size of this gap. It is essential for…

The industry has changed over the past 30 year but yet we can still learn a thing or two from the rock band Grateful Dead. This is a band who appears to have seen the future way back in the 1960’s and early 1970’s, what the dead did do was create a business model that looks surprisingly like the music industry we see today.


Table Of Contents

  1. Marketing Strategies Revolutionized by the band
    1.1 File sharing
    1.2 Database Marketing
    1.3. Social Causes
    1.4.Visual Symbols
  2. What People those Days Thought About The Band
  3. Other Bands Who Carry Forth The Death’s Philosophies
  4. Summary


Ritz Carlton Hotel in Phoenix, offers its guests exceptional treatment by providing finest facilities and personal services. It wants its customers to enjoy their stay in a warm, refined and relaxed ambiance.Ritz Carlton has revolutionized the hospitality sector by offering spacious room, comfortable settings, private baths, and extensive fresh flowers in public areas, gourmet cuisine, restaurants, spas, bars, beach clubs, golf course, banquet halls, conference halls, Wi-Fi connection, medical facilities, refrigerator in rooms, free room service, paid car services, 24-hour front desk services and travel guides.


From mid-May through September, however when the temperature regularly exceeds 100 degree Fahrenheit, the…

Avoiding controversies of any form is a practice widely followed in business, but these controversies may have both positive and negative impact on our business. Controversial marketing brings together large audiences to invoke emotional responses, driving engagement levels and introducing conversations between brand and buyer on a more personal level.

Table Of Content

  1. A few popular controversies which helped the brand
    1.1. Dire Straits
    1.2. Red Bull
    1.3. Calvin Klein
  2. Calvin Klein’s Brief History Of Controversy
  3. Damages Of Being Controversial
  4. How Controversy Can Benefit A Brand
  5. Summary

1. A few popular controversies which helped the brand

1.1 Dire Straits:

Mark Knopfler never planed to insult the gay community when he wrote “Money for nothing” in…

There is a unique varied roles played by customer in service delivery and co-creation. In some cases, services customers are present in the “factory”, interacting with employees and other customers. For example, in classroom or training situation, students (the customer) are sitting in the factory (classroom) interacting with the instructor and other students as they consume and co-create educational services. Since these customers are present during the service production, customers can contribute to or detract from the successful delivery of the service and to their own satisfaction.


Because customers are participants in service production and delivery, they can contribute to…

If you or your organization isn’t evolving — innovating, growing, or reinventing — you are in danger of failing.The global landscape is littered with the remains of organizations that rose to great heights only to have their fortunes plummet because they were unable to transform themselves as times changed.

source :

At a time when younger artists like Justin Bieber, Kanye West and Lady Gaga are relying on social media, a dizzying blitz of promotional appearances and concerts, and a nonstop hype machine to keep their careers stoked, Eminem’s path back to the top of the musical heap was decidedly old-school: He…

Employees are key drivers of sustained business success in companies as diverse as Charles Schwab, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, USAA Insurance and Chick-fil-A. Consider the case of Singapore Airlines, a restless toddler repeatedly dropped him pacifier. Every time the child would cry, and someone would retrieve the pacifier. Finally, one of the attendants picked up the pacifier and attached it to a ribbon and sewed it to the child’s shirt. The child and the mother were happy and passengers seated nearby gave the attendant a standing ovation.


The front-line service is enormously important in any business. They are responsible for understanding customer…

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