Funny Command Which Makes Linux Interesting For You…

You guys might think linux OS is soo boring, only black screen and nothing to do much but, linux is funn….inside the article explain some cool and fun command in the linux which are more interesting that might change your point of view toward linux OS.

1. Command: sl (Steam Locomotive)

Command “ls” is the list command, used to view the contents of a folder in list view but sometimes we type ‘sl‘, so instead of this output “command not found“ we can amaze ourself.

How to install ?

apt install sl   [On Debian/Ubuntu & Mint]
yum install sl [On CentOS/RHEL 8]
dnf install sl [On CentOS/RHEL & Fedora]
pacman -S sl [On Arch Linux]
pkg_add -v sl [On FreeBSD]

Input :

[root@localhost~]# sl -alfcand[root@localhost~]# sl

Output :

2. Command: Cowsay

In the terminal various character will say whatever you type.

How to Install ?

 apt install cowsay   [On Debian/Ubuntu & Mint]
yum install cowsay [On CentOS/RHEL 8]
dnf install cowsay [On CentOS/RHEL & Fedora]
pacman -S cowsay [On Arch Linux]
pkg_add -v cowsay [On FreeBSD]

Input :

[root@localhost~]#cowsay -f stegosaurus

Some extra command and their outputs :

3. Command: Figlet

A cow in the terminal will say whatever you type.

How to Install ?

 apt install figlet  [On Debian/Ubuntu & Mint]
yum install figlet [On CentOS/RHEL 8]
dnf install figlet [On CentOS/RHEL & Fedora]
pacman -S figlet [On Arch Linux]
pkg_add -v figlet [On FreeBSD]

Input :

[root@localhost~]# figlet SANSKRUTI ARTH LEARNER

Some extra command and their outputs :

4. Fork-Bomb

A fork bomb is a denial-of-service (DoS) attack where in a process of continually replicates itself to deplete available system resources, slowing down or crashing or hang the system.

Input :

[root@localhost~]# (){ :|:& }:

After running the above command within few second my system hang up so i need to restart it. try it while you are not doing anything important.

5. Command: aafire

Just type “aafire” in the terminal, without quotes, and see the magic. Press any key to interrupt the program.

How to Install ?

 apt install aafire [On Debian/Ubuntu & Mint]
yum install aafire [On CentOS/RHEL 8]
dnf install aafire [On CentOS/RHEL & Fedora]
pacman -S aafire [On Arch Linux]
pkg_add -v aafire [On FreeBSD]

Input :

[root@localhost~]# aafire -driver curses

6. Command: asciiquarium

Just type “asciiquarium” in the terminal, without quotes, and see the magic.

Now imagine that you have your own ocean in you local machine. With a variety of fishes, a vast under-water world with lots of sea creatures wandering inside it.

“asciiquarium” command is used with a terminal animation that we need to install. There are not present in default packages, so we need to install it.

Download and install term animation

# apt-get install libcurses-perl# wget tar -zxvf Term-Animation-2.4.tar.gz# perl Makefile.PL && make && make test

Now, Download and install asciiquarium

# wget tar -zxvf asciiquarium.tar.gz# cd asciiquarium_1.1/
# ls
asciiquarium CHANGES gpl.txt MANIFEST README~/asciiquarium_1.1# cp asciiquarium /usr/local/bin# chmod 0755 /usr/local/bin/asciiquarium

Now we can launch it with the command

# asciiquarium

7. Command: asciiview

It is possible to view our normal images in ascii mode with the asciiview command. It takes images and gives you the output in ascii mode without modifying your original picture.

First, we need to install the command

# apt-get install aview imagemagick

Now, we must go into the folder which contains the images to see in ascii mode

# cd /home/linoxide/Pictures

I have in this directory an image file “apple.png”.

#  asciiview apple.png

8. Command: cmatrix

Have you not ever dream to have a matrix output on your own terminal? me, yes. It is possible to reproduce what you have seen in matrix movie, a continuous output with some specials characters by using the cmatrix command. Imagine that, your young brother who is a fan of that movie, if you can reproduce the same thing, it is sure that you will be more popular for him than the real movie

# apt-get install cmatrix

now just execute the command and see the result

# cmatrix

9. Command: telnet

Telnet is a text-oriented bidirectional network protocol over a network. Here is nothing to be installed. What you should have is a Linux box and a working Internet.

[root@localhost~]# yum install telnet -y
[root@localhost~]# telnet

10. Command: fortune

fortune, command helps to tell our fortune randomly try this command for fun don’t believe in cmd fortune.

Install fortune :

 apt install fortune   [On Debian/Ubuntu & Mint]
yum install fortune [On CentOS/RHEL ]
dnf install fortune [On CentOS/RHEL & Fedora]
pacman -S fortune [On Arch Linux]
pkg_add -v fortune [On FreeBSD]

Input :

[root@localhost~]# fortune

11. Command: lolcat

lolcat is a command tool which prints the text in rainbow/random colors. lolcat command requires input so in the example “fortune” cmd output given to the lolcat cmd as input.

How to install :

 apt install lolcat  [On Debian/Ubuntu & Mint]
yum install lolcat [On CentOS/RHEL ]
dnf install lolcat [On CentOS/RHEL & Fedora]
pacman -S lolcat [On Arch Linux]
pkg_add -v lolcat [On FreeBSD]

Input :

fortune| lolcat

12. Command: oneko

oneko” is a package that will attach a “Jerry” with your mouse pointer and moves along with you pointer.

How to install :

sudo apt install oneko  [On Debian/Ubuntu & Mint] 
sudo yum install oneko [On CentOS/RHEL 7]
sudo dnf install oneko [On CentOS/RHEL 8 & Fedora]
sudo pacman -S oneko [On Arch Linux]
sudo pkg_add -v oneko [On FreeBSD]

Input :

[root@localhost~]# oneko

13. Command: while

The below “while” command is a script that provides you date and current running time with color texture, till you interrupt (ctrl + c). Just copy and paste the below code into the terminal.

root@tecmint:~# while true; do echo "$(date '+%D %T' | toilet -f term -F border --gay)"; sleep 1; done

Hope you guys like the content of article…

Comment down your favourite command that you like.

Stay tuned, will be back soon with another article. Chaaao.




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