Overcoming My Boredom and Setting the Right Mood

It has been two months since I started to work in that new office. The first week was still exciting. Getting up early seemed to be no problem. The sight of the street jammed with a bunch of various vehicles was still okay. I could still put a smile on my face.

Now, it is almost two months. My facial expression has changed. No more happy face. I got bored and mostly annoyed by that daily congestion. What worse is that I have almost lost my desire to write. That’s ugly because my work requires me to write. I am a content writer. I need to write daily.

Changing the route to work

Then, I came up with an idea, changing the route to more green view and fewer vehicles. Luckily, I found a new route on the way home from work while taking a public car. This route has more trees, big trees, soothing shades and what I love the most, fewer vehicles. Less blaring sound from cars and motorcycles heard. That is exactly what I need.

Changing the route is a great idea and has helped me fixing my boredom. That almost faded smile has now readorned my face. The mood to write has also come back. I am so happy that I can finish writing and send it to my senior writer. My senior writer is also happy because I always submit my writing daily.

The right theme song

If changing the route has helped me with my boredom, finding the right theme song has helped to set my daily mood. Before going to work, I always listen to some songs that can lift up my mood. Recently, I found the right songs. My choice falls on the song from The Chainsmokers and Coldplay, “Something just like this” and Raisa and Isyana — two rising female singers from Indonesia — with their new collab song titled “Anganku anganmu”.

I like the energetic rhythm in “Something just like this”. Unconsciously, my hands will beat the bagpack following the rhythm of the song playing inside my head and uttering some lyrics. Most of the time, I feel the time flies so fast and the next thing I know, I am already in front of my office. With all the positive energies inside I start my day happily. The happy vibe has influenced my interaction with my coworkers and the work atmosphere. I feel more productive in my work.

So, that’s how I overcome my mood and my boredom. How about you?