Well, just finished a bottle of beer; n have one more.

That heading, i know the word doesn’t exist. And All the grammatical mistakes after this are real!☺

Just felt like writing something. And whenever i feel like doing something, I’ll search Play Store immediately to find if there is any suitable app for it!! Like for most of the things.. #funny #nerd Found ‘Medium' , cool app; have read few blogs in the past.

I’m like most of youngster’s who want do a Start-up n couldn’t!

It’s not the hunger to be rich… its that ki, i don’t want to be like [Work for another 25 year, buy a car n buy a home] n die! Life will become like watching a suspense movie for the second time!.

I admire what Elon Musk has done and has been doing. That’s the perfect life. And he’s one of the better human being living in this generation.


I’ll think of couple of awesome Start-up idea every month and drop it. I know that, its important to have an idea which you completely confident about. Most of them already exists which is really frustrating and also brings some confidence that my ideas aren’t that bad though.

There are many awesome things which i can do. I’m only thinking about them and not been doing anything. Not sure if I’m lazy or totally consumed in my office work. #MostlyLazy

I know.. Random writing.. hope I’ll improve next time. Thank you for reaching this far..