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SAN Sound is set to revolutionize your music-listening journey with the introduction of our pioneering Web3-connected product, SANWEAR. In conjunction with our innovative music discovery experience and audio-centric economy, these ‘Hyper Reality Audio’ headphones seamlessly connect the physical world with the Metaverse, infusing an interactive social dimension into music and audio. We proudly present this hyper realistic audio dimension as “The Soundscape.”

Our innovative four-phase implementation of audio and blockchain technology aims to bridge the gap between the physical and digital realms of music listening. By creating a self-sustaining, music-centric economy, we will transform the way people experience and interact with music.

Phase 1 — Hyper Reality Audio SANWEAR
SANWEAR blends Hyper Reality Audio, blockchain, and other interactive technologies to forge a connection between the emerging Web3 domain and the conventional music and audio industries. SANWEAR is programmed to interact with corresponding NFTs, which serve to bridge listeners with the captivating realm of the audio metaverse— we call this realm, “The Soundscape.”

Hyper Reality Audio is the result of 18 years of relentless experimentation, countless iterations, and the fusion of cutting-edge technology with artistry. Crafted by a team of technologists, artists, and creators, SANWEAR’s audio engines redefine the very fabric of sound.

We’ve harnessed the latest tech wizardry, precision designs, and state-of-the-art materials to create an audio experience that transcends dimensions.

Phase 2 — The Soundscape
The Soundscape introduces social features like Hyper Reality Audio streaming for augmented concerts and audio experiences in the real world. Paired with SANWEAR, The Soundscape transforms familiar music and audio into emotional adventures. [More Soon]

With our holistic approach, SAN aims to radically reinvent the way people experience and engage with music by seamlessly integrating audio experiences, interactive features, and blockchain technology.

To get started:

You must purchase and Soulbind a SAN NFT to gain login access to The Soundscape and SANWEAR. Additional access perks include entry to global SAN music events and limited-edition collectibles, such as audio hardware, physical art, and fashion apparel.

SAN NFTs, after being minted or purchased, can be traded or “Soulbound”. Soulbinding effectively binds the NFT to that specific wallet forever, which thereby creates a unique login identifier for the SAN Sound ecosystem. Soulbinding as a pseudonymous method of authentication for a live service model software package is a fresh use case for NFT technology. As a user interacts with SANWEAR and the Soundscape, key Zero Knowledge Proofs are deployed to protect the user’s data, while still providing each musician with the accurate demographic information needed to grow their brand. Couple all this with a pioneering “Listen-to-Earn” tokenomics model — where fans earn governance tokens that can be used to increase the visibility of their favorite songs and artists as well as purchase various goods, both digital and physical — these novel and advanced applications of blockchain and audio empower musicians and fans to support and elevate one another in an exciting, secure, and user-friendly manner.

The SAN ecosystem will uproot an antiquated industry and to prove that fans and musicians are symbiotic. Immerse yourself in The Soundscape at home or through our worldwide community.

What ongoing problems is SAN solving?

Problem: The “Metaverse” seeks to merge Blockchain, Gaming, and VR/AR technologies, creating a seamless digital-physical world of interaction; however, existing solutions face challenges in connecting the digital and physical worlds due to limited understanding of these technologies’ true potential and application.

  1. Existing Metaverse companies have failed to capture one of the most vital and emotionally rich human senses: hearing. Visually, AR/VR is close to replicating real life, but the auditory experience is not yet close to reproducing a realistic experience.
  2. Crucially, there is an unexplored digital audio realm that can offer new experiences, interactions, and community touchpoints. No one has yet attempted to unlock this audio realm.
  3. Moreso, current access methods to the Metaverse are inadequate and unnatural, as they require users to engage with cumbersome and tethered technology. Virtual reality headsets confine users to indoor spaces, while augmented reality applications on mobile devices necessitate a constant interaction with screens. These limitations hinder the immersive experience.

By addressing these issues, the Metaverse can unlock its full potential and provide users with a truly immersive and natural experience that revolutionizes the way we interact with both the digital and physical world.

As a result, the music and audio industries have yet to competently adopt Metaverse, NFT, and blockchain technology, whereas Web3 music is hindered by technical and legal complexities, a lack of comprehension, and competition. Addressing these challenges requires educating stakeholders, demystifying the technology, and demonstrating its value by creating innovative, immersive experiences that naturally bridge digital and physical realms.

  1. Currently, Music NFTs (NFTs representing or containing song files) are attempting to compete with legacy media companies and digital service providers (DSPs) like Pandora, Apple Music, and Spotify. This approach fails to acknowledge the challenges of onboarding established artists and fans to the world of Web3, given their binding deals with major labels and the complex nature of Web3 technology.
  2. Moreover, the current Music NFT ecosystem is hindered by outdated purchasing and royalty models. With streaming dominating the market, requiring users to purchase Music NFTs is a tough sell. Additionally, the existing royalty mechanics lack transparency and trust, with some marketplaces failing to enforce agreements entirely.
  3. Legal considerations surrounding shared royalties and licensing agreements for songs owned in NFT form further complicate the situation, raising questions about the legality and enforceability of these arrangements in various jurisdictions.

It is apparent that the core technology behind NFTs is underutilized and not fully understood, particularly in the context of token-gated access to music content and events, decentralized logins, and privacy. These applications, powered by the unique cryptographic properties of NFTs, have the potential to overhaul the music industry without directly competing with legacy media, benefiting both artists and fans alike.


The information provided in this whitepaper pertaining to SAN, LLC. (“SAN” or the “Company”), its business assets, strategy, and operations is for general informational purposes only and is not a formal offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy any securities, options, futures, or other derivatives related to securities in any jurisdiction and its content is not prescribed by securities laws. Information contained in this presentation should not be relied upon as advice to buy or sell or hold such securities or as an offer to sell such securities. This whitepaper does not take into account nor does it provide any tax, legal, or investment advice or opinion regarding the specific investment objectives or financial situation of any person. While the information in this whitepaper is believed to be accurate and reliable,

SAN and its agents, advisors, directors, officers, employees, and shareholders make no representation or warranties, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy of such information and SAN expressly disclaims any liability that may be based on such information or errors or omissions thereof. SAN reserves the right to amend or replace the information contained herein, in part or entirely, at any time, and undertakes no obligation to provide the recipient with access to the amended information or to notify the recipient thereof.

Neither we nor any of our representatives shall have any liability whatsoever, under contract, tort, trust, or otherwise, to you or any person resulting from the use of the information in this whitepaper by you or any of your representatives or for omissions from the information in this whitepaper.

NFTs and Soulbound

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are tradable assets that can be uniquely identified from other alike assets. While largely used to represent ownership and access to on-chain communities, the technology powering NFTs has serveral untapped use cases — one use case being soulbound implementation.

The core premise is that soulbound NFTs are non-transferable assets; once in a wallet, an NFT is forever locked in that wallet. Soulbound NFTs have been discussed by Vitalik Buterin and experimented with by companies like POAP. While there are several uses for a soulbound NFT, most utilization is in token-gating — access to a physical or, more commonly, digital asset or experience that requires the unique cryptographic identifier of the token.

How SAN uses soulbound integration will push the boundaries of what is considered feasible for NFT applications. At mint, all SAN NFTs were free (other than Ethereum network fees) and tradable, as is standard; however, if a holder wishes to access the full SAN ecosystem, such as SANWEAR, login access for The Soundscape, VIP access to global SAN events, the ability to claim weekly collectibles, etc., a holder must first “Soulbind” their SAN NFT.

You can Soulbind you NFT here: (Soulbind)

While the tradable SAN NFT was free at mint, Soulbinding a SAN NFT requires a one-time payment. There are several levels for holders to choose from that match their interest and commitment levels (see Soulbound Levels). When a holder chooses their desired Soulbound Level, they are forever locking that NFT into their wallet in exchange for access and utility. A unique component of opt-in soulbinding is that the circulating supply of SAN NFTs becomes, effectively, deflationary — roundly considered a positive mechanic of a fixed-supply economy.

Once in a soulbound state, the NFT acts as the holder’s token-gated login to The Soundscape and general ecosystem, with additional perks (per the holder’s desired Soulbound Level).

Soulbound Levels

Soulbound Levels are for each user to decide their level of commitment to the SAN Sound ecosystem. All levels receive varying access to The Soundscape, SANWEAR, SAN live music events, lifetime whitelist spots for future drops, etc. The chart below is a high-level overview. For more specific details on Soulbinding, click here.

What is the cost to Soulbind?

  • Level 1 (Citizen) is available for 0.4 ETH
  • Level 2 (Defiant) is available for 0.7 ETH
  • Level 3 (Hanzoku) is available for 1.03 ETH
  • Level 4 (“The 33”) is available for 5 ETH

(Note for Level 4 only: Special Offerings include everything in Level 3 with more personalized access. While other levels are unlimited, there will only be 33 spots available for Level 4.)

Experience Hyper Reality Audio for the First Time!

Your key to The Soundscape is called SANWEAR.

SANWEAR blends Hyper Reality Audio, blockchain, and other interactive technologies to forge a connection between the emerging Web3 domain and the conventional music and audio industries. SANWEAR is programmed to interact with corresponding NFTs, which serve to bridge listeners with the captivating realm of the audio metaverse — a.k.a. The Soundscape.


Beyond highly commoditized audio hardware companies, like Anker, Harman, and Apple, SANWEAR represents a departure from the legacy headphone industry. SAN operates as a Web3-first company, leveraging traditional Web2 technology and practices to seamlessly transition consumers into a Web3 community.

Our team brings together a wealth of experience and skill in headphone audio engineering, blockchain technology, and a deep understanding of the music industry. Unlike most audio brands that rely on design houses, factories, or external audio experts, our team boasts a unique standard for audio quality developed and refined over a decade. We continually evolve and perfect our proprietary sound engine recipes and ingredients, resulting in ‘Hyper Reality Audio’ that is unlike anything that exists on the market today.

Our approach to audio engineering is holistic and hands-on. We design and build everything from scratch, ensuring full control over mechanical design, electronics, industrial and ergonomic design, manufacturing, and sourcing. This comprehensive approach allows us to create Hyper Reality Audio products with exceptional comfort, ergonomics, and usability.

Other brands often focus on features and price points, but we strive to create an emotional experience that connects listeners and artists through music. By leveraging Web3 technology, we build a community and brand centered around the interactive aspects of audio, fostering emotion and passion.

David Leung, our Head of Hardware and Chief of Product Technology, was the founding engineer and “Golden Ear” at Beats by Dre and former global head of product development at Monster Products. His unrivaled expertise in audio engineering, product design, and manufacturing results in SANWEAR’s Hyper Reality Audio quality, offering listeners a music experience unlike anything else.

Devin Marty, our Head of Blockchain Technology, is the architect of SANWEAR’s Web3 features and integrations, as well as the Soundscape platform. Devin’s background in decentralized network architecture, ecosystem growth, and token-economic design has led to the development of the world’s first Web3-enabled headphones and the Soundscape, merging the physical and metaphysical social dimensions of music listening.

Using Soulbound NFTs as decentralized identifiers transforms SANWEAR into a physical key that brings the boundless possibilities of the metaverse to the audible world. Integrating audio hardware with blockchain assets and functions is a more tangible and practical way to bring blockchain to the music industry. We are confident that SANWEAR will be an everyday device that music lovers use to collectively experience sound in an entirely new and social way.

SANWEAR will ship in Fall of 2023 to all Soulbound NFT holders.

The Soundscape

The Soundscape introduces social features like Hyper Reality Audio streaming for augmented concerts and audio experiences in the real world.

The Soundscape will ship in Summer of 2024 to all Soulbound NFT holders and will be available on both iOS and Android.


Per the team’s core ideals, the SAN Sound platform integrates Zero Knowledge Proofs — cutting-edge privacy technology — to protect fans’ data. In essence, a fan is prompted to input certain information, such as gender, age, music preference, etc. Fans are then rewarded in SAN Tokens (see SAN Tokenomics) for doing so. This information is safeguarded behind a Zero Knowledge barrier, making it provably impossible to pinpoint any individual user to their personal information. Artists can see the user data of their entire fanbase but without the ability to identify an individual account. For this reason, artists must have at least seven (7) fans/listeners to obtain general user data, so that one account cannot be pinpointed or statistically reasoned to be connected to any identifiable information.

To bring next generation privacy to our users, while still providing artists with the crucial user data they need to grow their brands, we have partnered with the #ZeroKnowledge experts and innovators at Findora. !Findora is the key to data privacy and much, much more.

Zero Knowledge Proof

What is Zero Knowledge? Universally defined, “A zero-knowledge protocol is a method by which one party (the prover) can prove to another party (the verifier) that something is true, without revealing any information apart from the fact that this specific statement is true.” Zero Knowledge Proofs (ZKPs) have been studied and used across a variety of privacy applications since 1985. The most notable modern uses include crypto exchanges like Tornado Cash, wallets like Argent Wallet, and blockchains like Findora.

To understand simply ZKPs, there is a well-known story “by Jean-Jacques Quisquater and others in their paper “How to Explain Zero-Knowledge Protocols to Your Children”. It is common practice to label the two parties in a zero-knowledge proof as Peggy (the prover of the statement) and Victor (the verifier of the statement).

In this story, Peggy has uncovered the secret word used to open a magic door in a cave. The cave is shaped like a ring, with the entrance on one side and the magic door blocking the opposite side. Victor wants to know whether Peggy knows the secret word; but Peggy, being a very private person, does not want to reveal her knowledge (the secret word) to Victor or to reveal the fact of her knowledge to the world in general.

They label the left and right paths from the entrance A and B. First, Victor waits outside the cave as Peggy goes in. Peggy takes either path A or B; Victor is not allowed to see which path she takes. Then, Victor enters the cave and shouts the name of the path he wants her to use to return, either A or B, chosen at random. Provided she really does know the magic word, this is easy: she opens the door, if necessary, and returns along the desired path.

However, suppose she did not know the word. Then, she would only be able to return by the named path if Victor were to give the name of the same path by which she had entered. Since Victor would choose A or B at random, she would have a 50% chance of guessing correctly. If they were to repeat this trick many times, say 20 times in a row, her chance of successfully anticipating all of Victor’s requests would become vanishingly small (1 in 2²⁰, or very roughly 1 in a million). Thus, if Peggy repeatedly appears at the exit Victor names, he can conclude that it is extremely probable that Peggy does, in fact, know the secret word.” (Source)

The SAN team’s motive for using ZKPs is to eliminate any worry of data profiteering and effectively promote a standard for on-chain privacy that doesn’t compromise integrity or safety of others while upholding basic rights.

Conclusion: In Focus

At its core, SAN Sound is dedicated to promoting creative expression and authenticity. We believe an artist’s commercial success should not come with the stigma of selling out. We are holding space for artists to maintain musical integrity without external pressure. Meanwhile, allowing fans to support and influence their favorite artists’ growth. SAN is setting out to uproot an antiquated industry and to prove that fans and artists are symbiotic.

Summary of All SAN Technology

SANWEAR is built to bridge the physical and digital audio dimensions and enable community exploration of the unexplored audio realm through Hyper Reality Audio.

SANGA, a fusion of “SAN” and “Manga,” is a proprietary community-building tool that delivers important updates and brand-building narratives via weekly NFT drops.

SAN NFTs and Soulbinding
Our unique digital assets, SAN NFTs, identify community members and provide access to the ecosystem. Soulbinding connects SAN NFT holders to their SANWEAR, turning it into a physical key to unlock The Soundscape. Our innovative login system relies on cryptographic signatures for secure and accurate access.

The Soundscape
The Soundscape incorporates interactive blockchain elements into the SANWEAR experience.

Zero Knowledge Privacy SDK (Blockchain)
Next-generation blockchain privacy technology that ensures privacy in our ecosystem of products is paramount. With Zero Knowledge Privacy, SANWEAR’s NFC components will be tamperproof and any data coming in or out will be provably encrypted. No current transmitting audio device will match the degree of privacy that we have engineered.

Additionally, The Soundscape platform integrates this cutting-edge privacy technology to protect fans’ data.

Social Keys (Blockchain)
On-chain ticketing that allows event-goers to prove they went to an event. Any holders of the Social Key that did not attend will have those Social Keys revoked from their digital possession. Remaining Social Keys can then be indexed by the musicians to connect with fans who actually attended their events and instantly reward them with additional tickets or Social Keys, NFTs, digital goods, and personal conversations.

Soon, Social Keys will integrate Zero Knowledge Triple Masking to make all ticket ownership and transfers 100% private.

SAN Team

David “DL” Leung | Co-Founder | CEO, Head of Hardware & Chief of Product Technology |
David Leung, co-founder and CEO of SAN Sound, is pioneering a new era in audio with the introduction of SANWEAR and THE SOUNDSCAPE. These cutting-edge innovations aim to intertwine the physical world with the ever growing audio metaverse, marking a bold step in reimagining music and sound. His extensive background as a founding engineer and acclaimed “Golden Ear” at Beats by Dre and Monster Products has been key for SAN Sound. At those renowned brands, he led global product development and was instrumental in creating, developing, and shaping the headphone technologies. Now, leveraging his deep-seated expertise, he’s committed to transforming how we interact with audio. His ambitious vision? A ‘Hyper Reality Audio’ ecosystem that delivers unparalleled audio experiences.

Devin Patrick Marty | Co-Founder | Head of Blockchain Technology |
Devin has a proven track record of success in the blockchain industry, working for multiple Layer-1 and DeFi protocols, NFT marketplaces, Metaverse companies, and Web3 advising agencies. Devin’s first notable achievement is his role in building Wise Token, a fully decentralized asset-backed cryptocurrency that has become the largest liquidity pool on Uniswap V2, the largest decentralized crypto exchange.

Jon “KAKU” Kaku | Founder | Music Director |
One of Asia’s premier electronic music innovators, as well as the Founder of BSMNT Labs music collective Kaku has built strong music industry relationships over the past 18 years as an independent musician and producer.

Will Dahlquist | Co-Founder | COO & General Manager |
Will has experience successfully launching and growing a startup to 400 employees at a $500M valuation within 3 years. Running all financial expenses, hiring, planning, and growth.

Adam “CROMAGNUS” Altenderfer | Co-Founder | Director of Art & Story |
Illustrator and multi-disciplinary artist and musician. Deploys digital works using an array of technologies and mediums.

James “Flu” Griffin | Co-Founder | Director of Ecosystem Growth |
Former Harmony ONE Partners + DeFi Kingdoms, Byte Mason, and Web3 Consultant

Katalina Vasquez | Co-Founder | Lead Front End Developer |
Former Product Designer at a $500M DeFi Protocol + current Director of Marketing Operations at WYDS.

Chonk Norris | Front End Developer |
Former Front End Developer at DeFi Kingdoms

Aaron Hanson | Lead Back End Developer |
Principal Solidity Engineer at Rainmaker Games, freelance NFT developer, and former Founder & CTO at a $500M DeFi Protocol.

Mark Shin | Head of Marketing | Mark is a dynamic and proven professional with 15+ years of experience in strategic planning, brand building, sales, marketing, and brand/product management. He previously led marketing and partnerships at Beats, Adidas, Belkin, and Pax Labs.

Minty Fresh Vibes | Narrative Director |
Minty is a seasoned screenplay Writer and Director with several feature-length films under his belt.

Bryan “IMCMPLX” Lie | Co-Founder | Product Designer |
Illustrator and artist. Known for projects “God Complex” and “0N1 FORCE”. Collaborations include Samsung, Coinbase, and the Chicago Bulls.

Jacob Garcia | Founding Member | Community Lead |
Educational host at Wise Beyond Bitcoin, blockchain technology researcher, and musician.

Matty McDonald | Chief of Staff | Former Harmony ONE

Junior | Soundscape User Experience

Swanny | Community & Web3 Marketing Specialist

??? | Chief Soundscape Architect

SAN Advisors


Community Moderators






Bobby K#3454


Devin Marty#4842


SAN Sound is set to revolutionize your music-listening journey with the introduction of our pioneering Web3-connected product, SANWEAR. In conjunction with our innovative music discovery experience and audio-centric economy, these ‘Hyper Reality Audio’ headphones seamlessly connect the physical world with the Metaverse, infusing an interactive social dimension into music and audio. We proudly present this hyper realistic audio dimension as “The Soundscape.”

Immerse yourself in The Soundscape at home or through our worldwide community.

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SAN Sound

We will reshape your music experience with the launch of our flagship product, SANWEAR. These 'Hyper Reality Audio’ headphones are your key to The Soundscape.