Sansox’s impact in Spain

Sansox’s campaign towards the blockchain community has generated a hype which already shows results. We are proud to announce that our Sansox products will be established in Spain. Water technology is needed urgently there, so we are confident that our impact will be big. The project is supported by the state of Alicante, as local sales specialists are about to start the exciting mission in October. Sansox is grateful for the support of the state and will in return lecture about water technology at the University of Alicante.

Water treatment is crucial in Spain, as the country is facing many challenges

Data about water sources and use vary according to the source of information. According to the utility association ASOAGA, about 74% of municipal water supply originates in surface water, only 19% in groundwater, and 7% in springs and desalination. However, according to a 2007 survey by the National Statistical Institute, 63% of the water distributed by utilities came from surface water, 33% from groundwater, and 4% from other sources such as desalination.[1]

Water Sources Spain

In the last 20 years, Spain has lost 20% of its fresh water. If the effects of climate change continue unabated, this figure will rise to 25% by 2021. EURACTIV’s partner El País — Planeta Futuro reports.

The reasons that have led to this situation are twofold: a reduction in rainfall and increasing temperatures. Moreover, Spain uses 80% of its water supply to irrigate crops. At the same time, consumer demand is up 10% following national water plans that were recently approved by the central government, as well as an expansion of areas that require irrigation.

“If water volume is decreasing and consumption is on the up, then we are facing a total collapse,” Martín Barajas added. The report’s recommendation for restoring balance would involve reducing the amount of irrigated areas from 4 million hectares to 3 million hectares.[2]

Sansox water technologies can have a tremendous impact in Spain, as retreated water is minimal today. By cooperating with the state of Alicante and teaching the students, we hope to establish our brand in Spain and ensure that water will be accessible to everyone.

Sansox’s ICO is live! Contribute now so that clean, potable water is accessible to EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE.

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