Blog so hard!

I recently made the decision to be a full-stack web developer. I signed up for a three-month boot camp that primarily taught Ruby and Ruby on Rails. It was difficult to say the least but rewarding as I not only picked up on the language and framework, but was also introduced to several concepts and practices.

Then the complacency happened.

Left on my own I was no longer being hand-held. The boot camp gave me the tools and now it was up to me to apply it. To say I haven’t to my fullest extent is an understatement. Sure I’ll go back to trying to solve Ruby challenges and creating Rails projects, but I wasn’t following-up the way I should’ve. The biggest hole is what you see now; blogging about the experience.

Think of blogging as a blueprint of your coding experience. You’re not expected to be a web dev guru but you get to document your experience. Take screen caps and show off your examples no matter how messy it is. Attempt to solve a coding challenge for at least an hour. Even if you don’t get it, blog about it. It helps you with the learning experience, makes you visible to other developers, and you could help someone who’s currently in the same boat as you.

Going forward my blogging will be split between what I learned in the past , what I’m learning now, general study practices, and how I’m applying all of this to make me a better web developer.

This is going to be fun. Stay tuned!

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