The thirD industrial revolution

The Third Industrial Revolution

An open source research project

Hello everyone, we are Andrea Santarossa and Guido Marchesini graduate industrial design students at the ISIA University in Florence, Italy and Leonardo Zampi florentine blogger.

We decided to utilize Medium to share with you and with the whole world, our research project. We hope our discoveries can help other people, that are working and researching on this field. We’d like anyone to benefit our research and share with us ideas, projects, reflections and critiques, about this sea change that will be a transitional period to a new revolution. We hope it will bring to us a better lifestyle and a carefully and consciously use of natural resources.

Our project starts with a preliminar research phase, to know the state of the art. We are interviewing people that we believe, through their work and thinking to tell about this revolution. The Third Industrial Revolution is first of all ideological, but rapidly transforming production and lifestyle.

3D printing, rapid manufacturing

In the second step we will head to our studio to looking for answers for the questions we are constantly finding along the way.

This is our program, that we really hope can change for the better with your help. We are convinced (and we wish) that the shift from organization capitalist pyramidal model to a network tribal model, will be the biggest change of this era. Words such as open source and peer to peer can enter in everyday vocabulary.

An African proverb say: if you go alone you go faster, but together we can go farther.

Some emblematic examples as Linux and Wikipedia, and the Couchsurfing community, say us something about this changing.

You just have to start to follow us and contribute with your support to the Third Industrial Revolution! @santarossandrea @GuidoMarchesini

“We can do it”

PS: We hope you will forgive our english (is not the best), but we are sure using this idioma permit us to share our project with worldwide, as italian language can’t

Below the principals texts inspired us on it:

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