It’s an extroverts world and the rest of us are just living in it.

You go for a job interview and you’re hounded with questions that, with experience, you eventually find transparent. Strengths? They want to know that you can be both a leader and team player, you need to be confident, analytical, and motivated to work. And then the weaknesses – the experienced interview veteran knows that if you say you “care too much” and are “a perfectionist”, then everything else you say from there on is in one ear and out the other. They really want an example of a weakness you’ve worked on – like time management, but should you say you’re shy?

Shy — intimidiated — not-confident. The successful candidate, at almost anything these days, is the one who can speak the loudest in the crowd — so their ideas are heard — and thus are noticed. In the last four years I’ve noticed the most successful people in University are those that you see around campus ALL the time. They are the IT kids. They wear those colourful suits welcoming in the fresh meat, join student politics, run for positions in their respected faculties, work in their professor’s labs, somehow end up in pictures with the Dean or Professors whose name you’re too intimidated to utter, all the while getting stellar grades and they still manage to look presentable everyday. No sweat? Its no doubt those kids have their struggles too, maybe their grades are crumbling like the glaciers but you wouldn’t know it. They put themselves out there – inhale experiences like its Oxygen and leave a mark all around you. Their biggest assest? They are outgoing – yup, they are extroverts. They will say anything, go out for anything, not a smidgen of fear. But its not like the introverts don’t try —

“Put yourself out there.”

Easier said than done my friend.

“Get invovled!”

Ok — but everyone wants to hire the guy with 50 experiences, so how am I supposed to get experience if I’m rejected for not having experience. I put myself out there — to dry!

We no longer live in a world where its all about grades – people prefer to hire the leader, the one who can speak up, the outgoing and well rounded guy which leaves the rest of us in his loud dusty shadow. Is someone who isn’t shy “unqualified”, not articulate enough, not bright enough?

Adele seems to know how the world works: — “Hello from the OUTSIDE.” In today’s society, the outside is where your qualities are. The body language you have, the words that flow outside your mouth, and the way you dress. The outside you is the filter that seems to gage your potential and the stereotype thats accepted is that if I’m quiet, I have nothing to say, nothing to contribute and I’m not worth your time.

I mean the stuff that makes us — us, is our blood, our chemical composition but that can’t be seen. So why does my potential have to flow from the outside? How does an introvert succeed in a world where being shy is considered a deadly weakness?

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