By: Jessica Yuan, 2020–2021 Director of Technology of 1UP Toronto

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Don Mills Station

Today, forming a new and stable life has become a less and less likely reality for those who are planning to stay in the City of Toronto. With rising commute times due to inconvenient housing locations, more Canadians are planning to move outside of the six boroughs.

Before grade 9, I had a job at a burger restaurant that I depended on the TTC for transportation to and from work. I live in the northern area of Scarborough, while my work was near the Beaches. Every week, I had limited time for school work in order to focus on arriving on time for my shift at my former part-time job. …

Communicating with youth must be genuine or risk the cringe.

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Have you ever left a conversation with a 15-year-old with utter confusion?

Has your niece looked at you with complete disgust after you said “yasssss”?

Do you use the Urban Dictionary on a weekly basis?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to the above questions, this blog is for you. It’s okay — you are not alone. Talking to youth and driving meaningful conversations can be incredibly hard and even sometimes awkward. On the other hand, avoiding these difficult conversations can lead to omission and leaving youth voices out.

So how do we stimulate engaging conversations with teens without being a complete embarrassment? Here are some things you should probably stop doing (like now) and some tips on what you should start doing. …

Santessa Henriques