7 suggestions for setting up maintainability from Day 1 of application development

In my role as Engineering Manager at Capital One I work to impress the following standards on my teams to ensure that we are delivering maintainable software solutions.

1. Balance Modularization and Re-Usability

Designing a maintainable solution, calls for a modularized solution with reusable components. Targeting highly reusable components and modularization of every single feature will require expert developers, thereby increasing cost. But, these aspects will be beneficial in the long run due to the decreased cost of maintenance and flexibility to make changes. A good design should strive to balance these aspects against the requirements of the product. …

How Python Helped Me Automate Tasks for Capital One’s Open Source Office

It was a little over three years ago that I got the opportunity to be one of the first founding members of the Open Source Office(OSO) at Capital One. The Open Source Office drives Capital One’s Open Source Strategy, defining the policies and procedures for safe adoption and contribution to open source projects. Since I joined the group, there has been no lack of exciting challenges in our efforts to help Capital One embrace open source! Let me tell you one story.

After joining the Open Source Office, I started looking for open source solutions to my work in a…

I am sitting here on a Friday evening raking my brain on this abstract for a submission to the All Things Open Conference — It is a case study and I am on my 3rd draft — It still doesnt look good.

As I was pondering on my abstract and the connection between communication and one’s success in life, my 17 year old sent me the link to his TEDx talk that he gave in San Fransisco in Nov 2017. And the topic is The 4 Keys to Success. He spoke what he believed in and the genuinity reflected in…

Insights from the Capital One Open Source Office

What an exciting time it is to contribute to the open source community! The software industry has embraced the open source philosophy and financial institutions like Capital One have gone open source first — encouraging their engineers to use, contribute to, and even launch, open source projects.

Here at Capital One, the Open Source Office is responsible for driving our Open Source strategy. We partner with our Legal & Security teams to manage the risks of using and contributing to OSS projects, as well as facilitating the launch of OSS projects under the Capital One GitHub.

In my work for…

Santhi Sridharan

Passionate about Education, Green Earth, Minimalism, In pursuit of peace & harmony in all circles. Open Source Leader, CapOne

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