The secret of writing is getting started

The reward for writing is writing itself.

Before I began to write this article, there were many obscure topics lurking in my mind. I was not sure which one to pick and write about. I rudely rejected the current topic at first, thinking that I should write something more creative. Like, imagining the imagination or creatures that exist in Lava.

“This is ridiculous. Who writes like this? I don’t think I am gifted with writing. People will judge me for this. I will not publish this. Should I write for myself or for readers?

These kinds of questions pop up and crawl up on my face. I guess the difference between great writers and me is, they are used to these situations and I am not. …


Shining words
Perched on golden cloud
Beckoning me to
Take a wordy bath

Waiting to embrace
And cuddle me
Twinkling all over
To drag me

Ahoy! It is resplendent
I am indeed transcendent

Santhosha V



Worms of guilty and despaired regret

Crawling with no fear deep within me

Spitting the loath venom droplet by droplet

I stand hopeless with weakened knee.

I think of taking all-this-out once for all

Like cutting a tumour with heated knife

Pyre of worry is way too out of control

All I ask is a deep-sleep-night in this life.

Strangers pretend they can feel my burn

No one can really see the painful churn.


Past is the road

Traveled so far

Turn and look

Only milestones

Bitter and sweet

Milestones are

Few growing old

Ready to fade

But few I see

With vigour and life

Never do they fade

They die with me

— Santhosh V

Language is a cheap substitute we have chosen to communicate

Languages are dungeons, built across and over

Enjoy not the dark, there is light outside

Breeding the dungeons, millions died

Proud of the mess created around

Come out once for all, it’s raining outside

Its rain of grace, revealing the secrets

Get drenched in the wisdom

Hurl away the boredom

I wish there were no dungeons

All of us would be playing

In verdant valleys

— Santhosha V

The struggle of all writers

Know about the feelings, writers go through when they sit in front of a computer to type

Shivering inside a cocoon of fear

Staring hopelessly at the distance to cover

The mind is squeezing to get soul-stirring thoughts

Cursing the curse of lack of words

Tired of fighting the demon of perfection

Loathing the self for not taking action

Lost in the journey and buried the destiny

Almost defeated and submitting meekly

Then comes the saviour from unknown terrain

Cudgelled by him, I wake up again

Resolved to write until I breath

You try to unhook the bundle of thoughts and fail. You suffer from the urge to write and guilt of not writing at the same.

You start to write garbage but that’s only a stop-gap. The block reappears. Why is the self-help not helpful enough? Perhaps, there is nothing called as help or is there?

Block is good

Block is a symptom of you are trying set your foot on the ship. It’s progress. The biggest block of writing is perhaps thinking that there is one. All the help that you are seeking from outside is helping you in one way and instilling the fear in another way. I know that “Block does not exist” is a lie. …

The Pulp of Working From Home

Is it really worth trading your cubicle to a comfy sofa? Most people answer like “Hey! It depends”. So I wrung this out and got some so called Pros and Cons.

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1. No Commute. Cheers! — You don’t have to get stuck in bumper-bumper traffic and be miserable. Instead, you can google the stats of ‘Population vs Vehicles’ at your home, sitting on your comfortable couch with yoga pants on.

2. Flexy Work Schedule You don’t have to wake up unnaturally early and stare at your ugly alarm. …

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Have you ever wondered which direction your head should be pointing, when you sleep? Does not matter right? Well, It turns out there is a whole of lot science behind this.

“If you are in Southern Hemisphere, don’t sleep pointing your head to South”.

“If you are in Northern Hemisphere, don’t sleep pointing your head to North”.


It is because of Earth’s magnetic field. Let’s assume there is a big magnet in your bedroom, and you sleep pointing your head towards it. The blood flow gradually increases due to the presence of Iron particles in our blood. …


Santhosh V

A Nomad

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