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Have you ever wondered which direction your head should be pointing, when you sleep? Does not matter right? Well, It turns out there is a whole of lot science behind this.

“If you are in Southern Hemisphere, don’t sleep pointing your head to South”.

“If you are in Northern Hemisphere, don’t sleep pointing your head to North”.


It is because of Earth’s magnetic field. Let’s assume there is a big magnet in your bedroom, and you sleep pointing your head towards it. The blood flow gradually increases due to the presence of Iron particles in our blood. Now, we are asking for trouble.

What’s wrong with heavy blood flow towards our heads?

Our heart is placed three-fourths of the way up because it’s easier to pump blood up against gravity. The blood vessels which go up into the brain, are almost hair-like. If one extra drop is pumped in, something will burst and you will have a hemorrhages.

When the body is positioned horizontally, we can immediately make out that our pulse rate drops. The body makes this adjustment because if blood is pumped at the same level, too much will go into your head, causing damage. Now, if you place your head in the wrong direction that way for 5 to 6 hours, the magnetic pull will cause pressure on our brain. Most of us have hemorrhages in our brain. This does not incapacitate us in any major way, but small damages happen. We may become duller or our level of intelligence might drop, after the age of 35 in many ways.

If we are beyond a certain age and your blood vessels are weak, you could have hemorrhages and paralytic strokes. Or, if your system is sturdy and these things don’t happen to you, you could get up agitated because there is more circulation in the brain than there should be when you are sleeping. It is not that if you do this for one day, you will fall dead. But if you do this every day, you are asking for trouble. The kind of trouble depends on how strong your system is.



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