The Pulp of Working From Home

Is it really worth trading your cubicle to a comfy sofa? Most people answer like “Hey! It depends”. So I wrung this out and got some so called Pros and Cons.

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1. No Commute. Cheers! — You don’t have to get stuck in bumper-bumper traffic and be miserable. Instead, you can google the stats of ‘Population vs Vehicles’ at your home, sitting on your comfortable couch with yoga pants on.

2. Flexy Work Schedule You don’t have to wake up unnaturally early and stare at your ugly alarm. With freedom of time, you can also take care of household chores and other non-work responsibilities.

3. Save Money — If you are working from home, you will be less likely to opt for eating outside food. By cutting down the costs of eating out and commute, you will definitely save some bucks.

4. No Distractions. Yep! Say goodbye to people knocking on the door, mock drills, unnecessary meetings and trivial gossips with colleagues. At home, you will have the freedom to reply or call back to people at your sweet convenience.

5. Work-Life Balance You will get to exercise whenever you feel like and talk to family members anytime. If you are a parent, you’ll never have to worry about missing your kid’s dance competitions or track meets.


1. Cast Away You might end up chatting with your colleagues more than needed, just to feel less isolated. Your idea of ‘You’ might become an ‘Introverted Homebody’.

2. You Should Be Insanely Self-Motivated It’s hard to control the cravings, to veg out in front of telly or embrace the soft bed. (Especially when they are next to you). You will need to be well disciplined.

3. FriYAY Everyday Feeling everyday as Friday might be boring to all of us (At least for most of us). And this slobbish existence might drive you crazy. Unconsciously, you might build a feeling of a recluse.

4. You Neither Leave Office nor Home Since not everybody follows this unorthodox way to work, you might never get to fully see the happy sides of either office or home.

5. No IT Help-desk — In office, if internet goes down or computer gets a virus, it’s not your problem. But at home, you are on your own and it is indeed your problem.

‘Working From Home’ does not come as A-la-carte of just Pros, but with a whole package of Cons as well. It’s up to you to go for this combo or not.



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A Nomad

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