The secret of writing is getting started

The reward for writing is writing itself.

Before I began to write this article, there were many obscure topics lurking in my mind. I was not sure which one to pick and write about. I rudely rejected the current topic at first, thinking that I should write something more creative. Like, imagining the imagination or creatures that exist in Lava.

“This is ridiculous. Who writes like this? I don’t think I am gifted with writing. People will judge me for this. I will not publish this. Should I write for myself or for readers?

These kinds of questions pop up and crawl up on my face. I guess the difference between great writers and me is, they are used to these situations and I am not.

Watching bricklaying does not make me Bricklayer. I should lay the brick

If I watch bricklaying for a year, does that make me a bricklayer? Absolutely not. I might know about patterns and how bricks are laid. It certainly won’t give the skill that easily. I have to lay the brick and learn every day.

Similarly, reading gives me vocabulary, writing styles and knowledge. God, it does not make me a writer. I need to sit and write word by word and fill pages.

Reading as a writer is almost as effective as writing

Reading as a writer is like a dancer watching a dance performance. I not only enjoy the reading but also get to write inside.

I criticize, applaud and rewrite the words. The sentences are more lively to me. I tag my experience with every paragraph. I literally work with the authors.

Stories get cooked up and Ideas take shape

Based on my life experience, a process of story cooking takes place in the background. I am seldom conscious of it. It’s not that I try hard and am desperate for stories. It just happens whether I want it or not. It never happened to me before writing.

Thoughts find the links and get weaved all by themselves. The symmetry of its own. The fresh shapes of ideas sprout and it’s a great experience.

Feel through words

I know feelings have no language but it’s not impossible to feel through words if you are a writer. If I am sad, I write about being sad. If I am happy, I write about being happy.

Writing consoles the negative feelings and expands the positive feelings.

Writing is a companion and wizard

Writing is a great companion who lives and dies with me. Writing catches nature’s unheard sound and rhythm and converts into words like a wizard.


You can notice the difference between the start and end of this article. I struggled at first and sort of got there at the end. Writing is a struggled journey with a happy ending.

The reward for writing is writing itself.

Happy writing!

— Santhosha V


Written by

A Nomad

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