Writing As a New Writer

You try to unhook the bundle of thoughts and fail. You suffer from the urge to write and guilt of not writing at the same.

You start to write garbage but that’s only a stop-gap. The block reappears. Why is the self-help not helpful enough? Perhaps, there is nothing called as help or is there?

Block is good

Block is a symptom of you are trying set your foot on the ship. It’s progress. The biggest block of writing is perhaps thinking that there is one. All the help that you are seeking from outside is helping you in one way and instilling the fear in another way. I know that “Block does not exist” is a lie. But hey, it’s not as big as you think it is.

Block is not an enemy but a friend who accompanies you in the journey. Embrace it with love. The friendlier you are with it, the thinner it becomes and faster it disappears.

Struggle is better

If you are struggling to write, one thing you can be confident about is “You Are Not Quitting”. Every time you stare at the distance you covered, the struggle is the cud of memories and experience to chew.

It makes you competent. The more strands of struggles you face, the stronger your writing web becomes. The struggle is the best guide, mentor and self-help that everybody can hope for.

Guilt is best

Guilt is another form of your passion. It is rude and stubborn. You will get cudgelled and nose-led by guilt. It will keep bothering you until you settle your dues. It is a constant reminder for “You Can Do Better”.

It will chase you like a mad dog.

Write for yourself and publish for others. Not the opposite.

Writing to impress others is another way of begging others to read. Nobody wants to be forced to read just like you. Let your thoughts find their own shape and symmetry.

All that matters is, how bold enough you are to write your heart out without shame and prejudices.


There is no conclusion. You chase the writing and writing chases you. You are a nomad and don’t care about results or destination. You are on your own path. All that matters is “Write”.

Written by

A Nomad

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