My Internship Journey with Hasura -Week 1

This is a sneak peak into my journey of internship with Hasura. Let me start this with a background of my technical journey . I am basically Electronics and Communications Engineer who was pushed into the Indian IT boom as a fresher , who struggled a lot in the initial years to get a hang of computer programming since i had a life sciences background during my schooling and had no basic inclination towards computers due to ignorance. My journey there after started as a oracle database developer in a startup. So my love for programming started with this …This was my first hand experience into development work and from there on for the next 11 years i had worked primarily on Oracle database PLSQL programming . During these 11 years i had opportunities to get know java , data-warehousing tools like Informatica and other technologies of shell scripting , Big Data tools . But there was deep desire to get my hands dirty on full stack (Both frontend and backend) thats how i got hooked up android app development. Further more i went on break for child and elderly care , so got a chance to re-skill myself. This was this time i actually signed up for Udacity and IMAD course (Jan — Mar 2017 batch)to get hands on android app development.

This was a difficult time since handling a toddler with the course that requires time and dedication to complete your assignments on time . But i had found myself that time during my toddler sleep . So all my learnings and assignments had to be co-ordinated around this 2 hrs time . There were times when i had wanted to give up my dream , but i kept pushing myself through the course and completed it with good credentials and that’s how i landed on the Hasura Internship among the 400 interns. This was my first experience of being an intern after working for 11 years full time in a day job and i can feel butterfly in my stomach . Its a new experience all together working with so many young minds , some times gives you an imposter syndrome. Also you are the boss of your app and that is totally different from the the way we work in a IT office. You need to be responsible , collect your thoughts together and work on the task which is different experience. At first it took time to sink into this feeling , but with baby steps i have started my work as a intern.

First week of introduction we had through the Facebook webinars from the Hasura team on the list of things to be done in each week of work . It gave a clear picture on what needed to be done by intern .

Things done in the 1week.

  1. I had to squeeze up my mind with an APP idea. Since i was a self taught android programmer it was slightly difficult to get sorted on the idea.
  2. Next step is to prototype the idea using . This was something totally new in app development for me. We need to plan clearly of what the functionality of the app ( 3 screens only) well in advance (Oh ! its very difficult with so many functionalities running in your mind). I had guidance of my better half who brainstormed to convey on how exactly the app should be working and not be thinking of implementation aspect. Thanks to him !!and got lot of inspirations from fellow interns who posted their prototypes in the slack channel.
  3. Slack Channel was also new to me , some times intimidating but now i have started to use it with ease.
  4. I had stretched my planning for 2 weeks given the circumstances i work on but i keep telling myself every time , i need to get this idea completed …

Wait for my updates on the subsequent weeks of my internship ….

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