25 years and counting, with wonderful presents from Life.

They say that age is just a mere count that it adds to your life, but the things that a human can do, doesn’t depend on it.

My 25 years of life so far, has nothing been just a learning throughout. Well I think, that is the only thing in this world that you would get it for free, if you are really dedicated to it.

Turning my pages back, I could say I am glad at what life presented me, even though I had a very rough start.

I’m not complaining about it right now, because that is the best thing to have happened to me, because it taught me how the world works, lead a simple life and make this world a beautiful place at a very early stage — to sum it up let’s say ‘A Minimalist life’.

So without boring you with a long story of my past life, let me sum it up in 4 lines.

I’m a UI developer by profession (Ember guy ;p). Love learning & teaching in particular, because for me ‘Knowledge is something which is meant to be shared and not isolated’. Love to dance, staying with my single mom ( who is the most inspiring person, I could ever meet in my whole life) and I’m currently single ;P.

Friends are life.

Life brings a lot of interesting things on your way and the most wonderful thing which life introduces you to, is friendship. I think everyone would agree that anyone born in this world does not die without having a friend(s) that he could not remember. And I have met the soul friends, I have met friends who showed me the path, friends who bring abundant joy, who inspire me & bring smile, and a friend (from a long way) who inspired me to be a software engineer. I would like to thank them for inspiring me, motivating me and making the person that I’m right now.

Books for life

I love books. It is only thing which made me reborn and look at things in a way that would make me believe, that things will fall in place — the right place. It makes you forget the world around you — yeah, makes me forget the long waiting and terrible traffic in Bengaluru, Bengalureans please take this as a temporary solution and it is worth it.

Mentors to show the path of life

My mentor, he is by far more than a friend. Made me believe in myself. He always says and I quote ‘Things happen for a reason’. I can tell you, he made me believe, that problems in life are not so important anymore, and the terrible things that happened to me in my past, did happen for a reason — without which I would not have become a UI guy, meeting and working with awesome people around the world or writing my first blog like the one your reading. Such was his attitude and positive vibe, which brought the same attitude in me as well.

There is a saying in one of the books I read, that you need to mentor in your life. If you think that a person, is a mentor that you are looking for who would spend his time to give the life lessons that you need to make you a better person, than walk up straight to him and let him know, its as simple as that.

Love is part of life (unexplored by me)

Love, it’s something that I am yet to explore, which told me, on many occasions, I was not ready for it yet. Eventually it will happen, but takes time. Because your not just meeting your mate, but a soulmate, who would spend rest of their life with you.

Life always gives you presents

I think from my perspective ‘Life’ is like a Christmas tree, it always has presents under it, if you are doing the right thing and most importantly love what you are doing, but it tests you many at times and throws obstacles at you. If it is something that Life thinks is worth putting those very efforts that you have in getting that present, than damn right you give every effort that you have to get it. Sometimes you will not get it, than Life thinks its not suited for you and it has something bigger than this in store for you, so stop worrying about it, start thinking in a positive way and move on.

Finally, I thank everyone in my life who inspired me, motivated me, taught me and brought smile to my face, I owe them my whole life.

Until next time. Love your life, be kind and have courage and help one another. Live your life!!!