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Santhosh Tuppad
Aug 13, 2017 · 4 min read

I have spoke about entrepreneurship in various schools, colleges and universities in India and New York (United States of America). The “Entrepreneurship” topic is very close to my heart and I have been an outlier kind of entrepreneur in my life (at least in my own view). I love to speak my experiences and celebrate every bit of those experiences without regret or being sad. Students enjoy them as I show them “nothing is bad or good”, it’s your journey and live the way you want it to and be flexible in accepting the obstacles on your path and forgive the things that try to make your journey hard. The hard parts exist for a reason and it’s okay to not know those reasons, but have faith.

Without much ado, these are the 20 things I speak to students or anyone who is interested to know my entrepreneurial journey.

  1. Entrepreneurship is not what world tells you about.
  2. You may have your own style of being an entrepreneur, and you will get a lot of critics from the world. The good news is, you can reject those and be kind to yourself and proceed.
  3. Believe what you believe.
  4. How to not make money, and yet be an entrepreneur. Entrepreneur is deeper than revenue making business.
  5. Money is a bi-product of what you do. So, keep doing the goodness and that goodness is you and your visceral.
  6. As an entrepreneur, you can choose to live the way you want to by being kind to others.
  7. When you start a start-up, it’s okay to not see it as your baby or family members. Let’s admit that, it’s a start-up that you believe in. And you choose to believe whatever motivates you to reach your objective. Remember, it’s okay to believe anything about your start-up. Don’t let the others define it for you.
  8. Failures are the stepping stones to a established start-up and success.
  9. You may not do well and switch your job from an entrepreneur to an employee in some other company or start-up. Well, who says that’s bad? That’s your choice. Follow what you feel strongly deep down your heart.
  10. In between the journey, you may get bored. That’s not abnormal, but life. Stay with it and see how you can get the passion back. Like I always say, Passion has to be nurtured and then it starts growing again. Getting bored is a feeling and is natural. Celebrate your boredom because boredom pushes you to do something amazing sometimes. And other times, just relax with boredom ;-)
  11. Outliers or unique attitude towards entrepreneurship may lead to innovation. Following others is a best practice, but following your own self is a pleasant journey of your unique life and also may lead to success. Nevertheless, following your own self is already a success because that paves a path of great stories for the beautiful world. You are the universe, remember it.
  12. Take breaks the way you wish to understanding the core of your well-being. At times, the visceral can be your master and you just let it take the control instead of taking control of visceral. Balance rational thinking and spiritual being by practicing (if you wish to).
  13. Businessman can be a sub-set of Entrepreneurship, but not the other way round where you are a businessman and entrepreneurship is sub-set of businessman. Entrepreneurship are values that you live by and mind you — these values can be your unique ones which you believe in. Come on, you are here to live your life in a temporary time-frame and be content with yourself while you are kind to the external world.
  14. Fear is common when you take a risk. Earth has given sufficient to survive, but luxury is something different that money can afford to have. However, you reach the luxury (if you wish to) by risks and not just being a regular person or an average person who stays away from fear. Fear can be loved and then fear will love you back to push you to perform better activities for your well-being.
  15. If you want the world to see a better humanity and happy people all over the planet, then encourage those who are happy doing something in their own way and their own style. In short, those who follow their best interest for their own life. The world needs more people who can encourage the philosophy of others while they follow their own. We are wired to always be against those who are different from us. However, we can still co-exist and have a co-shared space with those who are different from others. Isn’t that the beauty of this planet and humanity?
  16. If you are breathing, that just means one more life that you have to make something amazing for your own life. Selfish is often treated to be negative word, but let me tell you that it’s positive. If you aren’t selfish for your own well-being, then the world will lack the beauty which is spread by ones’ well-being. Only when you are living well, you get ideas for being kind. That’s why I say, there are only two things — selfish and evil. When you hurt someone or steal things from someone through your evil actions, that’s not selfish. It’s evil. And when you do things for your own well-being without evil intentions, then that’s selfish and that’s very much positive. Stay selfish, dear entrepreneur.

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