Passion — Nurture it to grow instead of letting it die.

Santhosh Tuppad
Aug 9, 2017 · 2 min read

I fell in love with computers when I was 12. I played Prince of Persia and also worked with command line interface (Disk Operating System). And when I turned 16, I fell in love with hacking applications, servers, firewalls and what not. And after my graduation I never knew what I had to do in my life until I happened to get introduced to software testing craft. And then, I knew that my passion is “software testing”.

I worked as software tester for some time before I co-founded my first software testing services company. And after that, I co-founded several startup companies. At one moment, I felt that my passion was dwindling somehow and I was getting into boredom. Then, I realized that “it was not my passion that was going away from me, but me who was going away from my passion”. After the realization, I started working on things again by learning to test the software better and acquiring new and better skills. Once I got into learning mode, I could see my passion smiling at me and loving me back. That way, I could understand that — If you want your passion to grow and love you back, you got to nurture it through learning and consistency in learning.

This is my short story. If you are passionate, passion will not go down unless you stop learning or stop nurturing it in terms of learning. So, I wish you a great learning and keep learning to feel better and life gets better too.

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