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Roadside vendors at Pattadakal, Karnataka, IN.

A quick takeaway on passion and selling products from a roadside vendor.

It was just another morning commute to work until I noticed something that struck my mind. I saw a roadside vendor sweeping the street around his cart parked close to a tech park in the ever-buzzing Outer Ring Road of Bangalore. I questioned to myself— why would he do that? Why would he clean the dust off the road while that is none of his business? He could very well just park his cart and start selling his product — I have seen many such roadside vendors do that. But, what makes this guy different? The probable answer is that “he cares about his job and the product(s) he sells”.

He knows that the clean surrounding attracts people, mess doesn’t. Often, it matters how you present than what you present. He might not be selling the best, but to an extent he certainly knows how to sell it right. Since I haven’t tried what he sells, it is completely hypothetical about the quality of his product. He might well be selling the best or probably the worst. But what matters here is his passion to sell his product, fine-tuning his craft and not just to make a living.

That reminds me one of the best quotes by Robin Sharma — “The ordinary are paid to do their work. The extraordinary are paid to master their craft.”

When making money becomes the primary objective, there lacks the passion and say hello to greed. You can’t find passion while thinking about how to make money, but you can possibly make a lot of money when your passion becomes profession.

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